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Why SMBs should Host Business Emails on VPS Hosting?

Opinion columnists have written “the death of email” quite some time back but it is far from being over. In fact, it has become one of the most sought after official medium for business communication. That’s why a business (no matter what the size is) should take emails seriously, especially when it is the question of establishing, growing or carrying out regular business transactions. If you are still using your free Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL account, the time has come for you to choose server hosted email solutions. When the server hosted emails are considered, VPS email hosting is the best possible solution for SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses). This is mainly because of the fact that they can get privacy without having to shell out a lot of money (as in case of a dedicated server).

Now, let’s check out the reasons why a SMB should choose VPS for hosting emails –

• Privacy

As already pointed out, privacy is the main reason why a growing small business or a medium sized one chooses a VPS hosted mail environment. It can either be domain specific or one that is being provided by the VPS hosting server India.

In case you are using a free Gmail account, you will find that they change their privacy policy. In fact, you are not aware how much money these free email service providers make by using your email information. Sometimes back you were seeing customised ads over your emails and they were highly targeted ones. How was Google able to give you so targeted email ads until and unless there were certain bots to check emails? Though these ads are not shown now, you can’t be sure. If there any circumventing software privacy setting present for gathering user data then as a user (especially business entity) it certainly feels tacky.

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When you use a virtual private server hosted email account, you get rid of all your worries related to privacy intrusion. The VPS hosting solution you are using don’t generally use email for analytics purposes. If you have any doubt, do inquire about it before choosing the service provider. Ask your service provider whether it collects any kind of email data for analytics purposes. Privacy of email data is the main reason why a SMB should choose a VPS for business email hosting.

• Security

If you are a Yahoo mail user then you know how your business data can be in the hands of the cyber criminals in case of security breach. One such massive security breach took place back in 2012 and you must remember if you are a Yahoo mail user. In case this kind of thing takes place to your business then you can lose your important data. If you want more security for your business emails then going for a VPS server hosted email solution is the most secured and at the same time most affordable for you. In addition, if you opt for the fully managed VPS hosting service then you will get 24×7 monitoring facility and they can avoid any kind of cyber attack through pre-emptive solution.

• Downtime

Downtime can be a big issue for businesses. When it hits, it adversely affects business in a big way. That’s why SMBs should choose a VPS solution that provides maximum uptime, which is more than 99.9%. You will not find many large companies going offline. This is because of the fact that they get the best dedicated solution. They have enough capital to spend more money on hosting and get more facility and get their server running without any downtime. When a SMB goes for a VPS hosting solution the first most important thing it gets is dedicated amount of server resources up to a certain limit guaranteed on a daily basis. This solution ensures that their server keeps on running successfully without disruption. Even if there is any malicious attack or any other disruption there are always enough manpower in the data centers who work instantaneously to provide the best solution always. This means that the downtime faced by the SMBs by using VPS is negligible. While signing a contract with a VPS service provider always check the uptime guaranteed in the SLA (Service Level Agreement). This will give a fair idea about the extent of downtime that can be expected throughout a year. Also check whether the service provider is providing DDoS protection or not. This also ensures that you don’t face any downtime other than the one mentioned in the SLA.

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VPS Server hosting for Email hosting is a great solution for a Small and Medium Businesses mainly because the users get better uptime, enhanced security, and most importantly privacy of their email data as well as business communications.

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