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Is VPS Hosting a better option than shared for websites with heavy traffic?

Shared hosting is ideal for businesses that are just starting out. It is the recommended hosting option for small companies that have to deal with bare minimum traffic. Shared hosting is a simple, hassle-free hosting system that’s easy to manage and configure. However, for most companies, shared hosting is an option that will quickly grow Read more>>


How Cloud Governance Limits Security Risks?

Cloud computing is known for driving innovation, fuelling business performance, and enabling enterprises to move away from the CAPEX model to the OPEX model. For this reason, many research reports from the leading institutions have marked this disruptive technology as the game changer in the IT industry. It enables users to select and deploy their Read more>>

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Rearchitecting Data Centers with Internet of things (IOT)

In this inter-connected global economy, IOT is the latest buzz, which is considered to have a significant potential in transforming the entire data center market. The volume of business data generated by enterprises is expected to trigger heavy demand for data center facilities. In such a scenario, the need for web servers is expected to Read more>>

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Has Investment on Cloud Slashed Your Capital Expenditure?

As cloud technology is becoming a rage, the major rationale behind the success of this operating model is the capability of accessing information from anywhere, anytime. Some of the widely recognized benefits of cloud include lower IT infra costs, remote access of critical applications, better collaboration, elasticity, and improved security. A research conducted by a Read more>>


How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Data Centers

Data center facilities are the energy and power intensive spaces. These facilities enable enterprises to efficiently manage the receipt, transmission, dispensation, and retrieval of digital data and information. These units require redundancy in infrastructure, storage space, and energy consumption to cool down various computing equipment as well as manage the heat coming out of these Read more>>

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Is Web Hosting Price Wars Threatening Service Providers?

Recently, web hosting services have been a topic of discussion among the industry experts. These days’ small to large sized businesses are complaining about the surging costs of hosting their websites. This is because web server hosting providers not offering value added services are locked in an unhealthy pricing race, forcing enterprises mainly in the Read more>>

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How M2M is Taking Data Centers One Step Ahead?

Today, machine to machine (M2M) connections or Internet of Things is acting as the game changer for various industries. The companies investing in this new technology are expected to get higher returns on their capital investments as compared to the traditional technologies existing in the industry. In this light, companies and service providers are striving Read more>>


Cloud ROI: An Influential Tool to Measure Bottom Line Performance

Gone is the time when cloud computing was simply regarded as a virtual resource hosted on some service vendor’s network. Today, cloud hosting technology is a widely acknowledged model that offers flexible computing benefits in a highly secured environment. The industry experts claim that the adoption of this cutting edge technology can not only help Read more>>


Colocation: Does Distance Really Matters

Everyday enterprises make colocation decisions as part of their IT infrastructure strategy to leverage from the zero latency data center interconnects. In this light, it is worth understanding, if this location mantra enchanted by some of the service vendors is just another promotional strategy or has some substantial weight in it. With the expeditiously changing Read more>>


Cloud Storage Solution: An Easy Way to Synchronize Your Online Data

As economic pressures are increasingly mounting on the global economy, companies are looking out for new initiatives and technology to drive their business growth. In this context, big data analytics, social media, and mobile capabilities are gaining popularity. They enable enterprises to foster better interactions between employees, customers, business partners, and vendors. In addition, they Read more>>

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How Can ECommerce Leverage Benefits Of Cloud

E-Commerce and Cloud Computing are the latest buzzwords in the IT industry today. The notions are gaining popularity due to the cost benefits they offer. Organizations can save infrastructure costs by using cloud computing and e-commerce enables traders to do business without buying or renting out a shop. At the moment, many eCommerce companies are Read more>>

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