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Is VPS Hosting a better option than shared for websites with heavy traffic?

Shared hosting is ideal for businesses that are just starting out. It is the recommended hosting option for small companies that have to deal with bare minimum traffic. Shared hosting is a simple, hassle-free hosting system that’s easy to manage and configure. However, for most companies, shared hosting is an option that will quickly grow out of as their business expands and the demand for critical resources increases. At some stage, shared hosting will not be able to keep pace with the growing need for more power and advanced features. That’s when VPS hosting comes into focus.

There are many reasons to choose VPS hosting when shared hosting outruns its utility.

VPS or virtual private server hosting can come to your rescue when there is a significant increase in work load and traffic. It is a hosting solution that works well for online stores where seasonal offers and promotions are the norm and the key factors that help businesses steer ahead of competitors. VPS hosting is chosen by companies dealing with multiple projects and want a separate, reliable server for managing such projects efficiently.

Advanced And Friendly Features To Manage Business Better

While there are many positives of using shared hosting, the option can prove to be a stumbling block in the path of your success if your business gets on the fast track to growth. You cannot leverage the full benefits of resources and access features like advanced configurations and scaling capabilities. There is also the risk of sharing the same server with other clients, some of which may be rogue elements. Their dubious actions can bring your business down and also your reputation. On the other hand, with VPS hosting you can enjoy a whole range of features that can give business a better edge.

With VPS hosting, you can remain in full control of your server. The server can be configured easily to match specific tasks and you have the freedom to install any software that can help you manage key areas of your business better. If needed, you can even change the installed OS in virtual private server systems.

Easy And Quick Scaling Possible

A key benefit of using VPS hosting is that if makes scaling of resources easy and quick. If you find the configuration you have chosen falling short of expectations, you can add more power seamlessly without having to stop the work process. Fast scaling is a much-desired feature among many companies as it helps them deal with sudden and unexpected traffic.

VPS hosting with the right configuration can cope with most of your operational challenges smoothly. Server configuration can be quickly scaled to desired levels with a few clicks to cope with any traffic flow.

Offers A Secure And Reliable Server Environment

Despite the fact that you will be sharing a slice or portion of one larger server in the VPS hosting arrangement, you will still be operating in an independent environment. The performance of other clients on the VPS system will not affect your ability to control and manage your part of the server the way you want. VPS hosting is also the best way to enhance your online business reputation and improve overall website performance. With VPS hosting, you can enjoy highest level of security and also do not have to worry about loss of data or critical information falling into wrong hands.

It is important to choose the services of a reputed and reliable VPS hosting provider to enjoy the entire range of benefits associated with this type of hosting. Consult an expert before you make the final choice.

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