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Attributes of Hybrid Cloud BDR FOR SMBs

Significant Attributes of Hybrid Cloud BDR FOR SMBs

Every organization that is planning an overhaul of its backup and disaster recovery facility needs to think about a hybrid cloud option. Hybrid cloud is an extremely flexible option in contrast to the conventional disk and tape backups. It empowers your IT staff with remarkable flexibility by offering excellent availability and rapid recovery in an economical way.

Relevance of cloud BDR solution

Cloud computing is helping organizations in more ways than we could have imagined. Small and medium businesses can leverage cloud backup and data recovery to achieve outstanding ability of securing mission critical data without banking on traditional ways of using tapes or disks.

Hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery is one of the most innovative ways of using cloud while moving over to an online environment. Since data storage and disaster recovery is an indispensible function of any organization, cloud helps even smaller organizations acquire cutting edge capabilities of disaster recovery and data backup.

Since every organizations data backup and disaster recovery needs are unique, the cloud backup and disaster recovery has potential to allocate different workloads on public and private clouds or on-site servers to augment capabilities and resources of the enterprise to support growth plans.

Cloud is an essential and integral part of an efficient solution for backup and disaster recovery. It helps enabling multiple snapshots of business critical data and sending these to a highly secure and remote facility of remote data center. The cloud helps easy access and deployment of the data. Till the time you are able to bring your business back on its tracks, hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery resource has potential to takeover functions of an enterprises primary server in the event of the unexpected outage or any kind of disaster.

Dependable and secure solution

Hybrid cloud solution facilitates backing up of the organization’s critical data at local facilities and provides a virtualized replica of the same at an off-site as well as secure location. It also enables protection of in-house data with help of redundant arrays of information to enable the local device act as a primary resource for defense. In majority of scenarios, there are three sets of the data existing at separate locations including local device, on-site server, and in a public or private cloud.

As an additional defense, the hybrid BDR solution stores the encrypted files are also stored at off-site location to address any unforeseen event. The businesses can thus achieve ability of accessing the vital data irrespective of any unwarranted situation.

Any business, which is handling highly critical data such as customer’s security credentials, must devise ways to assure end users that security of their important data is its prime concern.

Large storage capacity with smaller footprint

Hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery resource is able to provide flexibility of a local storage resource to organizations irrespective of their size. In fact, for a small enterprise this is a vital consideration.

Due to its economy, a hybrid cloud resource can be used to store large volumes of data by reducing reliance on local cloud storage facilities. This will result in considerable reduction of local storage footprint. Hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions are ideal for small organizations that have limited resources as far as their local storage facilities are concerned.

What’s more, these small and medium businesses can also decide as to how long the data should be retained as a local backup without getting involved in complex decision making process of deletion of files.

High availability and scalability

Assurance about data accessibility in the event of natural or man made disaster is an important attribute of cloud BDR solution, since organizations are able to plan restoration of data in a planned manner to avoid errors or omissions.

This underlines significance of virtual machines that can prove to be differentiating factors between uptime and downtime. Since virtual machines exist as copies of servers or workstations and rely in cloud servers for their operations, they have ability to run without being vulnerable to local happenings or catastrophes such as storms or tornados. Cloud provides a reliable fail over resource to sustain disasters by retaining seamless availability.

Affordable and efficient cloud BDR

Any technology decision is influenced by the concerns of economy as far as small and medium businesses are concerned. Thanks to cloud backup and disaster recovery option, there is an amazing level of economy that helps even the small and medium businesses improve their ability to sustain in the event of the unexpected.

Hybrid cloud helps enterprises obviate high expenditure for purchasing costly hardware for establishing local storage infrastructure because a major portion of their data is secured in cloud. Peace of mind is guaranteed with hybrid cloud storage and backup solutions that are also able to secure bottom-line of the organization.


Organizations are able to enjoy the best advantages of private as well as public cloud by availing BDR solutions that are backed by hybrid clouds.

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