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Why VPS Hosting is the Best Option?

VPS hosting is a middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting plans. It is a good option for businesses which do not have the money to afford dedicated hosting and the expertise to manage such servers. But, before one signs up for VPS hosting, it is necessary to find out what VPS hosting really means, what features it offers and whether you can benefit from it.

What is VPS hosting all about?

In VPS hosting, there is a physical server which gets compartmentalized to create many virtual private servers. Each of these servers acts independent of the other servers. Users can install the operating system of their choice, whether they prefer Linux or Windows. They can also install custom software and applications that they feel will boost their business further. Every server will be provided with a definite amount of resources like RAM or processing power of space or bandwidth. With VPS, you can enjoy a high degree of customizability much like dedicated hosting. The biggest advantage is that these features and benefits come for a much lower cost.

How are VPS servers different from shared and dedicated servers?

When you choose shared hosting, you will have to share resources with many other users sharing the same server. So, there are high chances of resources being over-used by some clients. As a result, the activities of other websites can get affected and websites often slow down because of unavailability of resources. But, shared hosting is much cheaper and perhaps the best possible option for start-ups and smaller enterprises which have limited funds. With VPS however, you will get a definite amount of computing resources for your use. When you need more resources, these can be obtained easily as VPS plans are highly flexible.

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In dedicated hosting, the client rents out an entire server; so, all resources of that server can only be enjoyed by it. There is no need to share resources with any other parties. As a result, dedicated hosting plans guarantee higher uptime and reliability, better scalability and flexibility and greater security for clients. In VPS hosting, clients enjoy almost similar benefits but for a much lesser price.

How will VPS hosting work?

In a VPS environment, there are many virtual servers. So, on the same server, it is possible to operate multiple virtualized servers and each of them will act like a dedicated server.

Benefits of VPS hosting:

When you own a website which gets very heavy traffic, it is expected that a dedicated server will be the perfect solution for your business. But, the biggest downside to a dedicated hosting plan is its cost. The costs of dedicated servers are very steep. So, VPS hosting plans turn out to be the best possible solutions for such conditions.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing VPS hosting is that users have root access to the server. This gives them the freedom and flexibility to tweak server settings to their advantages. They can also install custom applications and VPS gives them far greater control than in shared hosting. Moreover, VPS hosting lets you get additional resources like bandwidth and memory when you need these. So, your site can grow seamlessly and cater to increased demands when there are sudden traffic spikes. Finally, VPS hosting is also much safe compared to shared hosting because users can install custom security measures for enhancing data security. Unlike in shared hosting where malicious activities in one website can affect those in other neighboring sites, in VPS hosting, every virtualized server functions in an isolated way, with its own allotted resources.

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Differences between managed VPS and unmanaged VPS:

When you choose managed VPS, you end up paying more but the tasks of server handling and management will be taken care of by the provider. The host will carry out necessary routine updates and upgrades; ensure that the environment is secure and troubleshoot all technical problems. But, in unmanaged hosting, the client is responsible for server management. So, it is expected to take care of server administration tasks, server security, problem solving, ongoing maintenance, routine updates etc. For technical glitches, they cannot rely on expert assistance from the host. To avail of this service, you may need to pay an additional amount; this also varies from one provider to the next.

These are the basic features of VPS hosting and it is therefore clear why this type of web hosting plan may benefit smaller and medium sized businesses. With VPS, you can expand the business in a hassle-free manner because resources can be provisioned easily. when you choose managed solutions, you are relieved of the task of maintaining and securing the servers; so, you get enough resources and time to focus on developing your business further. This is why VPS works like the perfect middle ground between a shared hosting environment and a dedicated hosting environment.

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