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What Really Is VPS Hosting and How to Choose a Reliable VPS Provider?

When you choose VPS hosting, you can enjoy nearly all the features and benefits of dedicated servers at a much lower price. This is because VPS hosting gives you complete root access to the server and you are free to run your own version of an operating system or install applications and software of your choice to benefit your business needs. In VPS hosting, an entire server is compartmentalized to create multiple virtual servers, each capable of working on its own independent of the others. Although you may be residing on the same servers as your co-users, you will not have to share server resources like bandwidth or space or memory with them. This is where VPS hosting scores much ahead of shared hosting.

Why is VPS hosting preferred by small and medium-sized businesses?

In shared hosting, all server resources are jointly shared by co-users on the same server. This means that chances of resources being overused by some clients are quite high leading to your site slowing down. So, for small and medium sized businesses that are steadily expanding and receiving a lot of web traffic, VPS plans are found to be the best alternative. They do not have the funds or the technical expertise to manage and secure dedicated servers. VPS hosting works well for them because it allows them to avail of additional resources whenever there is a need for them.

VPS hosting basically works like a middle ground between dedicated and shared hosting plans; it is far cheaper than dedicated hosting and lets clients enjoy almost all the benefits of dedicated hosting. At the same time, it can offer you with far more resources than what shared hosting plans can provide you with, especially when you are gradually expanding and starting to get more and more traffic to your website.

Tips to choose a good VPS hosting provider:
When you have decided to buy VPS hosting plans, the next obvious step is to identify a good VPS hosting provider. There are some factors which are important for you to take into account when you are on the lookout for a reliable web host:

  1. To begin with, you need to decide whether you want to buy Linux VPS or Windows VPS plans. While Linux plans will work out cheaper as Linux is an open source platform, Windows plans are necessary when your site runs applications like ASP which will run in only Windows environments.
  2. You must also decide whether you will choose managed or unmanaged hosting solutions. For companies lacking a capable IT team, it is always better to opt for managed VPS hosting plans because the tasks of maintaining and securing the virtual servers will rest with the host and not with you. But, if you have a highly qualified and seasoned team of experts, you can afford to go with unmanaged hosting solutions. These are naturally low-priced compared to the managed hosting plans because the responsibilities of troubleshooting server-related problems will lie with your own team and not the provider.
  3. Before you sign up with any VPS hosting provider, you need to check how much processor capacity they will give you, how much RAM you will be allocated or how large a server space you will be entitled to. The provider you choose should be reliable enough to offer you good quality hardware from reputed manufacturers.
  4. A reliable VPS hosting provider will also inform you in advance about your monthly bandwidth quota. You must also inquire about additional charges in case you need to get more bandwidth for your website.
  5. When choosing a VPS provider, you must also find out about its backup provisions particularly where its data center is concerned. In case there are power outages, there should be adequate power generators to ensure that there is no disruption of services; there should also be standby servers to take over the load in case any server crashes. At the same time, your host should be in a position to provide you with extra resources for expansion whenever you need them.
  6. To choose a reliable VPS host, you must ensure that it can guarantee round-the-clock technical support through chats, phone calls and emails. You can test their response times in advance to be sure that all technical glitches are resolved without delays.
  7. Finally, you need to inquire about the costs of VPS hosting before signing up with any provider. This means that you should carefully review their Service Level Agreements or SLAs to know their uptime guarantees and compensations that you will be entitled to in case they fail to honor these guarantees. You should also find out in advance about their licensing fees, installation costs, bandwidth costs, monthly charges, prices of upgrades and updates etc.

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