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Bringing in Digital Transformation with Azure

Bringing in Digital Transformation with Azure

If your business must succeed in a technologically-fast moving world, it needs to adopt digital changes. So, business leaders will have to come up with new ways to connect technology and users. And, this is where Microsoft Azure, which is one of the best cloud platforms, has been able to make a name for itself. Azure has been helping organizations to embrace digital technologies is a much simpler and quicker manner. It is helping developers to create, deploy and operate applications in data centers that are geographically distributed throughout the globe. So, it offers a high degree of freedom to businesses to install apps wherever they wish to by making use of preferred tools.

So, with Microsoft Azure, businesses can experience cloud computing powers. They become more responsive, agile and they can also scale resources according to their business requirements. The best part is that they can pay using an automated pay-as-you-use system. So, you basically only have to pay for resources you will use and nothing extra.

The latest offering from Microsoft Azure called the Azure Stack has been successful in introducing hybrid features to businesses. They can therefore extend the Azure on their on-site environment and they will not have to compromise on their current investments in the process. Providers of Azure solutions which are powered by Microsoft ensure that their clients are able to shift their workloads seamlessly in the cloud. There are Microsoft-certified professionals who are capable of handling technicalities starting from workload assessments to the end stages.

Surveys undertaken by IDC recently reveal that nearly 2/3rds of the world CEOs have made digital transformation the main focus of their business. The reason behind this prioritization of digital transformation is because such businesses are turning out to be much more profitable than their competitors. Digital transformations cannot take place without the cloud. It is the cloud which lays the main foundation for this to happen. And, when you are looking for the right platform for your expanding business, you will find that Azure completely fits the bill.

One of the biggest advantages, as has been mentioned earlier, is that it offers hybrid features for businesses, both large and small. This is because most businesses are not keen to let go of their earlier technological systems or established processes. With Azure, you can easily integrate the new with the existing systems. It also offers multiple cloud-based solutions for the client enterprises. It comes up with custom enterprise settings which have a unique mix of public cloud, private cloud and hosted environments. So, the process of digital transition is smooth and your business gets to enjoy an edge over its rivals.

Azure helps businesses user in digital transformation because it offers them efficiency, agility and a high degree of scalability. So, with Azure, companies can easily respond to market changes and handle fast growth. The advantage of using Azure is that all these benefits are available at low costs. Cloud is the place where Big Data will get stored. So, Azure provides many services like Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Data Lake Analytics, and Cortana Analytics etc to enable your company to get an edge over the others in the IoT era. Azure also assists businesses in scaling up resources for developing projects related to the Internet of Things or IoT.

The best digital experience will involve betterment of customer experience, enhancement of operational processes and change in business models. Azure has been equipped to do all these three things for your business. Azure File Sync provides secure and centralized file sharing within the cloud. So, there is no need for any special configurations and code changes when businesses need to share files. There is also a new Azure networking service that is called Azure DDoS Protection. This helps businesses by protecting all accessible end points from DDoS attacks. Azure Cost Management and Azure Policy are two recent governance services which can help businesses optimize cloud expenses and cloud compliance. The Azure Cost is being made available to clients for free. Even update management will be made free of cost for Azure buyers. So, all new updates in Azure will streamline processes of configuring DR for servers and backups. The Azure Migrate service will help businesses identify and migrate their new virtual servers. Azure Data Box will offer secure ways to send big data sets to Azure.

Cloud computing has started to attract much attention these days and for good reasons too. However, most businesses have not yet moved to the public cloud; incidentally, nearly 80% businesses prefer the hybrid cloud model. This is because the hybrid cloud combines features of both on-premise infrastructure and public cloud. In this sense, Microsoft is the company to trust because it has the capability to offer a coherent experience both in public and on-premise cloud hosting services.

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