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Has Investment on Cloud Slashed Your Capital Expenditure?

As cloud technology is becoming a rage, the major rationale behind the success of this operating model is the capability of accessing information from anywhere, anytime. Some of the widely recognized benefits of cloud include lower IT infra costs, remote access of critical applications, better collaboration, elasticity, and improved security.

A research conducted by a renowned research firm Gartner suggested that companies across the globe have invested thousands of billions of dollars in the in cloud computing technology. For this reason, it is projected that the technology will continue to grow in the foreseeable future.

Amidst this scenario, a common question debated by many tech gurus today is whether investment in cloud hosting solutions worth for your business or is it just a fad that will fade with time? This blog attempts to throw light on how companies have leveraged cloud IT infrastructure to trim down their budgeted capital expenditures.

Enterprises, irrespective of their size, shape, and nature of business, are tapping on the benefits of cloud to manage multiple tasks in a more efficient way. The model further enables organizations, especially the small sized businesses, to convert fixed costs into variable. This is more geared towards their long term growth and promptly responding to the dynamic situations.

As a result, it is important to determine ROI (return on investment) on the cloud technology. This entails performing a comprehensive analysis on the nature and type of business together with the issues an enterprise is attempting to resolve. Instead of following the traditional method of evaluating cloud ROI, organizations today are focusing on a model that is based on getting value returns from the cloud services. The model will allow companies to measure business satisfaction instead of monetary returns from investing in IT hardware/software.

According to industry experts, the real value of the cloud technology underlies in its capability of streamlining a company’s IT processes while allowing its end-users to efficiently serve themselves by deploying cloud based applications. In particular, countries like Australia are shifting their focus on retaining and engaging clients with better services and high productivity. By using cloud storage technology, it becomes significantly easier for them to conveniently attain these goals.

Hence, the cloud benefits extend beyond delivering fast applications in a low cost data storage environment. The innovative cloud applications can help companies leverage the latest technological breakthroughs and perform various scientific calculations for research projects and certify business continuity in case of natural disasters and other disruptive incidents.

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