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Start Co-locating Your Servers with Go4hosting

Businesses, at least once in their lifetime, face the dilemma of whether to collocate or to lease a dedicated server. Depending on the size of your requirement and the amount of control you are seeking, either solution can be the right fit for you. It is therefore essential to first know what you want from Read more>>

Right Backup System for Your Small Business

How to Choose the Right Backup System for Your Small Business

Even a casual look at news or reports concerned with cyber attacks is enough to underline significance of adopting cyber-security measures. Small businesses need to design a robust strategy for data backup for ensuring business continuity in the event of cyber attacks. Significance of data loss prevention measures Loss of revenues can be as high Read more>>

Multi Cloud

Understanding Striking Attributes of a Multi-cloud Approach

There are many reasons why more and more enterprises are developing a growing interest in cloud solutions. In addition to greater profitability of economical cloud services, flexibility and improved scalability are also some of the vital goals for cloud adoption.   Cost efficiency of cloud solutions is not only due to elimination of capital expenditure Read more>>

How Can the Internet of Things Drive Cloud Growth

How Can the Internet of Things Drive Cloud Growth

The Internet of Things, or popularly called the IoT, has changed the world in many ways. This trend has been responsible for introducing innovations across different industries. It has evolved from the simplest fitness trackers or consumer accessories to complex automated systems for homes and cars. These objects make up a network which must actively Read more>>

Cloud Solution

Designing a Vertical Focused Cloud Solution for Legal Sector

Legal industry is governed by a myriad of mandatory procedures and filing requirements. It is extremely difficult to design an industry specific cloud solution for legal sector because of its never ending list of essential prerequisites and a non-negotiable architecture. Understanding the challenge In order to create the right cloud hosting solution that would cater Read more>>

Hybrid Cloud

The Leading Predictions Of Which Way The IT Technology Will Move In 2017

With every passing year, the world is becoming a better place to live in and that’s an opinion that’s unanimous across the globe. A major share of the credit for an improving world has to be given to technology. IT or Information Technology is leading the charge and the trend is expected to continue in Read more>>

Government of India to Drive Its Cloud Services with 11 Cloud Services Including CyFuture, IBM, and Microsoft

The recent announcement by government to provisionally empanel eleven cloud service provider firms such as Microsoft, IBM, CyFuture and the state sponsored BSNL underlines CyFuture’s extensive capabilities as an established cloud provider. Indian cloud hosting companies The other companies who have been shortlisted for the empanelment as cloud providing agencies are Tata Communications, Microsoft Corporation, Read more>>


Critical Legacy Data Integration With Cloud Analytics Strategy

Cloud analytics helps to overcome legacy data integration barriers by connecting data sources. Success of a global enterprise (be it an SME or a large corporate) is guaranteed only if a critical data analytics strategy is incorporated these days. Thankfully, with the emergence of big data or cloud-based analytics, it has become easier to deal Read more>>


Cloud Technology Manages Transformation in Business Process

Cloud computing denotes the supply of computer processing infrastructure, OS, applications and data storage over Internet-enabled public or private computer network. The purpose of this technology is to alleviate the hassles of maintaining compute devices and data storage along with reducing the costs associated with the operation of organizations. Although this avant-garde technology is in Read more>>


Progression Of Human Resources To Cloud Technology

These days, my business house is busy hiring new talents across the verticals. I often see them occupied with loads of work; that somehow consumes most of their time and cause hindrance in the task of strategic planning. In this case, a cloud based HR system would indeed be helpful in removing the administrative stress Read more>>


World Turns To Cloud Technology

The world is changing and so are our needs. Growing urbanization, inadequate infrastructure and limited resources, are all affecting our lifestyles. With passing time, we are getting more into the clutches of World Wide Web, and of course for good reasons! In such a scenario, imagine a world where 7 billion (and growing) global population Read more>>