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The Leading Predictions Of Which Way The IT Technology Will Move In 2017

With every passing year, the world is becoming a better place to live in and that’s an opinion that’s unanimous across the globe. A major share of the credit for an improving world has to be given to technology. IT or Information Technology is leading the charge and the trend is expected to continue in 2017 as well.

In 2016, we saw major developments in the field of IT. Experts prefer IT to take the world to greater heights of development in the year 2017. These are the top 5 predictions for the IT industry in 2017.

FaaS Is The New SaaS:

FaaS or Functions as a Service is expected to be one of the big ticket developments in the IT industry this year. Customers can use this cloud computing technology to create and manage applications are run them smoothly without having to bother about backend infrastructure management. IT professionals can use the FaaS technology to develop more efficient programs that come without the conventional drawbacks and barriers. FaaS can be expected to help developers run nearly any type of application without having to worry about infrastructure administration.

Using Blockchain – Making The Right Decision

Bitcoin is the first example of peer-to-peer ledger technology also known as blockchain technology. While financial institutions have been impressed by this development, the further development of this technology will delight other industries too as it can make the complex task of data management and security simple and hassle-free. With blockchain, the integrity of your data is assured. While arriving at a consensus on a common protocol is a major hindrance, this problem is expected to be resolved in 2017. Data management issues can now be solved more effectively with block chain technology.

Cases of Data Breaches Can Drop Dramatically

Data breaches continue to happen even as newer technologies have been introduced to fortify this specific area of IT over the last few years. Even major business conglomerates and large business houses have fallen victim to data loss despite using the latest technology available for data protection. In 2017 too, data protection will be under sharp focus. Experts are not sure if there will be a foolproof system in place in 2017 but businesses can take a calculated risk by separating critical and general data. The loss of the latter will not cause any major harm to businesses. Remember, advances in the area of automation works to the benefit of hackers and rogue elements too. Network breach can now happen at a much faster pace in 2017. A practical approach to the problem is needed.

Better Adaption To Changing IT Technologies

Many IT experts are of the opinion that 2017, education and certification in the IT arena will take center stage yet again. Administrators will have to learn how to work with developing technologies in newer IT environments such as hybrid cloud. IT professionals with the capability to learn and grasp newer and more complex technology and skills faster are likely to be more successful in 2017 than those resting on past laurels. There will be pressure on IT professionals to specialize in the new and unlearn the old so that they can have a holistic understanding of the general developments in the area of newer IT technologies.

Hybrid IT – The Idea Is Here To Stay

Most organizations are now rooting for hybrid IT because they believe this will be the driving force of the future. The core IT technology is now leaning heavily towards hybrid IT and there is a definite and visible tilt towards this concept among leading and emerging companies and professionals. Experts are of the opinion that in 2017, hybrid IT will gain further ground to be the center of everything that’s IT and going by developments that have happened in 2016, this could well be true. Specific solutions that are influenced by hybrid IT is expected to be adapted by most IT businesses in 2017. At the same time, experts aver that when it comes to VDI or virtual desktop infrastructure, the cloud could serve interests of organizations better. Cloud IT comes with the elasticity and flexibility that organizations require for better management of their IT environment.

By moving all their workload to the cloud, companies can enjoy a host of benefits that can prove crucial for improving efficiency in the longer run. It can relieve the pressure on IT professionals to control and manage the infrastructure. They can use their time and energies to focus better on other key aspects of the project.

Going ahead of 2017, it will become imperative for IT departments to make use of cloud hosting technology to ensure that decisions are made faster and more accurately in critical areas of business. The changes will happen gradually as there is still a slight tentativeness among small and growing businesses to put everything on the cloud unless they are fully assured about the security aspects.

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