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World Turns To Cloud Technology

The world is changing and so are our needs. Growing urbanization, inadequate infrastructure and limited resources, are all affecting our lifestyles. With passing time, we are getting more into the clutches of World Wide Web, and of course for good reasons!

In such a scenario, imagine a world where 7 billion (and growing) global population comes under one roof. That’s when cloud computing becomes a real blessing for the cyber world.

Cloud computing is the technology that we are already using in our day-to-day life in form of social media, banking etc. Moreover, this technology has given more teeth to the IT industry by increasing its capacity and adding onto its capability. In simple terms, cloud computing is utilization of hardware and software collectively to deliver a service over a network.

Suppose there is a firm, where it is required to give access to right hardware and software to its employees. So is it possible to buy computers and also software licenses for each individual? What is the solution? What if you get a technology that allows you to load a single application that gives the professionals access to log into a web based service that provides all the required programs, instead of installing a suite of software for each computer individually. It is called Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing will help in decreasing the costs and risks while increasing flexibility, workload shift and innovation. With its uncountable advantages, many fields around the globe are turning to cloud technology.

Cloud computing comes with a range of cloud applications, commonly known as cloud apps. These applications are blend of characteristics of a pure desktop app and a pure Web app. You can use these applications anytime and sitting anywhere around the globe.

For gaming aficionados, cloud can be a real adventure as it will provide higher speed gaming experience anywhere and that too with without interruption.

Medical sciences will be another sector that can be immensely benefited with this technology. Doctors and medical professionals can educate and coach their patients in real time.

Fixing essential jobs will be easier with the cloud apps. My pc ip address Suppose a time when your electric car’s battery is running out of fuel, a cloud based apps is there to alert you.

You can keep your inventory records more updated, visible and reliable.  With the cloud, finding stuffs in a store will be easier.

Cloud will be a boon for small and emerging businesses. To keep pace with the bigger companies and to satisfy the new markets being created by the cloud, small companies will come into action.

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