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Cloud vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Cloud vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Ever wonder why businesses these days are talking about Cloud Server instead of age old Dedicated Server.

During the early days of Internet when technologies like virtualization did not come like into being ‘Dedicated Server’ was considered to be a highly valuable service. Data centers used to either offer Shared Hosting & Dedicated Hosting Service where some server with pre-defined configuration was promised to customer.

Data Centers used to change fixed fees for the resources offered and extra does for up gradation or management of server. There was always a fear of downtime if that server goes down due to some hardware failure or some other problem.

Those were the difficult days as you were always asked to pay more for the resources, which were planned for future, but remained unused forever. Consider some e-commerce which has huge growth plans but could never foresight the traffic on website. Such companies were required to provision more Dedicated Server as traffic may come anytime and data center has lead time for provisioning of Dedicated Server with required configuration.

Cloud is the answer of all such woes. Cloud is power in your hands.

Cloud Service Providers these days provide full control where customer can manage its resources on a click of mouse. Today e-commerce portal can handle sudden surge of traffic by managing resources of its own.

Advantages of Cloud Server over Dedicated Server

  • No physical box is dedicated for you but cloud would be cluster of server working together
  • You can upgrade or downgrade resources and hence save huge costs
  • It goes without saying that fear of hardware failure is out of picture. In a cloud even if one or few server fails you will not have any impact. That’s what the power of grid computing you can experience on cloud.
  • Enjoy the hundreds of apps available and can be installed quickly
  • Provisioning new server with the help of template library was never so easy before cloud

Does that mean that Dedicated Server providers have poor future?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is yes and Dedicated Server Hosting providers would face tough time ahead when client will demand same resources which any dedicated server can offer at lower prices. No billing, if not in use, scalability in seconds, high availability, redundant storage, and better user management.

Having said that I expect Dedicated Server will soon become obsolete in time to come.

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