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World is Moving Towards Virtual Hosting Services!

“Virtualization” is a buzzword for the current decade and is expected to dominate the computing industry for years to come..

Now, the question arises that what is Virtualization and how do the hosters make use of it?

In earlier days, when internet services were started in India, the concept of only shared hosting was prevalent. Later on, ISP’s & hosters in India started offering Dedicated Server Hosting in the international data centers. Data Centers in India became a reality only at a much later stage.

Dedicated server hosting services proved to be very expensive. Even if some company has some active X on some apps to be installed, the only option for them was of Dedicated Hosting Service with some Data centers.

Dedicated server used to encounter a host of problems such as:

–  Hardware Maintenance Issues

–  Security issues

–  Configuration problems

–  Management issues

Then came Virtualization, a very old technology which was seen earlier played around by biggies like HP, IBM, Sun. It became reachable with the evolution of Hypervisor.

In 2005, only this technology was able to reach out to the masses with companies coming in fray and offering hypervisors. Open source hypervisors started ruling the space, which in turn gave new dimensions to the hosting industry across the globe.

Virtual Server Hosting, thus born acted as a boom especially for small businesses. These small businesses which were unable to afford Dedicated server hosting jumped into the band wagon of “VPS Hosting“.

Such services were normally managed services with less number of security hassles. It provided an option of quick ramp up and downwards for small enterprises. For hosters, it resulted in more volumes and thereby ensured more business for them.

In coming years, this is going to evolve more with the emergence of Cloud Computing Service, which provides a combination of hypervisor and management software that manages the more complex infrastructure of multiple servers, storage, security devices and load balances etc.

It further gives complete control in the hands of the user and thus ensures some peace for the hoster.

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