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Linux Virtual Private Servers

Linux Virtual Private Servers – Are they Right for You?

Growing businesses are shunting shared servers and opting for Virtual Private Servers (VPS) because these hosting solutions provide users with dedicated hosting like environment. A single physical server is virtually divided into multiple virtual servers. Each replicated server works as an individual hosting server. These virtual private servers are based on either Windows operating system or Linux operating system.

The Linux VPS hosting solutions are based upon Linux operating system (such as CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Red Hat (RHEL), and OpenSUSE). These virtual hosting solutions provide users with the performance level as well as access level similar to that of dedicated servers. When it comes to reliability as well as flexibility of hosting solutions concerning high traffic flows, Linux Virtual Private servers provide you with both.

What are the Benefits of Linux VPS Hosting?

  • The best part of Linux Virtual Private servers is that it is cost efficient in nature. It comes with a wide array of beneficial aspects. VPS by itself is more affordable than dedicated servers. When you choose a Linux based VPS it saves you more money and you also get similar kinds of services that are available with dedicated servers.
  • Open source nature of Linux OS also helps in minimizing costs. The businesses using these Linux based virtualized servers don’t have to pay for the licenses. This is mainly because of the open source nature and their free of cost availability. In fact, the incidence of hidden costs is also not there with the Linux VPSs. That’s why the overall hosting costs remain comparatively lower in case of virtual private servers that are based upon Linux OS. Moreover, these servers are capable of supporting web features such as PHP, POP3, MySQL, and others. The best thing about this hosting solution is that they provide businesses with high level security. At the same time, the technical support can be availed round the clock (24×7) throughout the year (365 days).
  • Another advantageous aspect of this kind of Linux hosting is that each virtualized server works independently. Even if one VPS goes down, the other will function. Therefore, everything can be migrated from one server to another, thereby eliminating downtime of a server.
  • Setting up of Linux VPS hosting solution is very easy. Businesses can choose from wide array of preferred options related to physical space, memory, and bandwidth. When using a Linux powered VPS solution, the best part is that all the applications are given priority by the system. Wide array of applications can be run on the system and it includes Windows hosting too. The best part is that the process and way of converting Linux to Windows is very easy.
  • Linux hosting environment provides a wide array of benefits including –
  • Improved performance of the server
  • Highly effective security solutions
  • Extremely high rate of availability
  • Dynamic scalability
  • Enhanced control over the applications of the server
  • Disaster recovery services are highly efficient
  • Data backup facility is absolutely secure
  • Data center is secure

All these benefits along with secure data center facility are helping businesses in choosing Linux VPS Hosting solutions. Most IT experts are of the view that Linux VPS solutions are the most efficient as well as dependable systems available currently. Businesses are adopting Linux Virtual Private Servers because they provide them with the multiple advantageous aspects such as flexibility, security, and dependability.

Which Linux OS are you choosing for your Virtual Private Server?

When you are choosing a Linux virtual private server, wide array of Linux options are there for you to choose from. Some of the most popular Linux operating systems include CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Red Hat (RHEL), and OpenSUSE.

Some of these popular options are discussed here –

  • CentOS VPS

This is among the most popular Linux distribution available. It is absolutely free and most importantly supported by a strong community. CentOS essentially centers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The VPS on this platform provides with free high quality software, which helps users to get exceptionally good VPS hosting services at lowest cost.

  • Debian VPS

It is yet another free open source platform, which is designed by the GNU Project. Debian is a high quality Linux operating system that helps you get complete control of your VPS environment. Best part of Debian VPS is that high volume of traffic can be enjoyed without compromising the performance. Large number of websites can be hosted and at the same time several tasks can be carried out here without facing any load time problem.

  • Red Hat (RHEL)

This OS is one of the most stable platforms available. In fact, the performance achieved is also of the highest order. Reports say Red Hat is found to perform in a much better way than the Microsoft Windows OS.


You now have more information with you. Therefore, you can choose the best out of the Linux Virtual Private Servers.

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