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Deca Core Dedicated Servers – Frequently Asked Questions

Deca Core Dedicated Servers – Frequently Asked Questions

This article tries to answer the most frequently asked questions by businesses about Deca Core dedicated servers.

FAQ#1 Deca Core Dedicated Servers – What is it?

These servers come with processors having ten cores. The presence of 10 cores in the processor helps this server to simultaneously operate 10 different processes. These processors are most popular with High Performance Computing or HPC. Here, the workloads are so huge, multiple cores can take advantage of the available ten cores in the Deca Core processor. Websites having extremely high traffic can take advantage of these kinds of Dedicated servers. Other areas that are known to have taken advantage of these multiple core processors include AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning, database processing, and many more.

Deca means 10 (ten) or Roman numeral ten (X). A Decacore processor comes with ten physical CPU cores on a single silicon piece. The term Deca is most used in the mobile industry. This kind of Decacore processor was first announced by Mediatek 1.5 years back in the mobile industry. This processor was named Helios X20. It was later succeeded by processors such as Helios X25 and Helios X30. Helios X20 had 10 cores in them. There were 8 cortex A53 cores. They are divided into two clusters of four. Besides these 8 processors, there are two A72 cores, which are essentially high performance ones.

However, it will be misleading to think that this was the first of its kind in the industry as a whole. The 10-cores processor was first introduced for Personal Computers that were manufactured by Intel. The current one is named i7 6950x.

The largest Xeon Intel that is available is Xeon E5 2699 V5, which comes with 22 cores. AMD offers the largest cores packing. It is Ryzen 4700, which is essentially Naples server core. This processor features 32 cores.

FAQ #2 Deca Core Dedicated Servers – How do they Work?

Dedicated servers that come with Deca Core processors provide users with greater performance than that of systems with lesser number of cores. This is simply because more cores in a processor can process more instructions side-by-side. When 10 cores run on a single chip, efficiency gets increased. This also reduces redundancy. Deca Core processors in a dedicated server are extremely well-threaded. This helps in larger cache as well as higher capacity for memory.

It must be kept in mind that using deca core processors will not increase the performance of old legacy applications as well as programs. This is because of the simple fact that the programs and applications that were written before the advent of multi-core servers don’t have the system’s parallel instruction efficiencies. That’s the reason why many companies are currently upgrading their internal systems. The cost of development and upgrade is high. However, the efficiency and speed they receive from upgrading their system justifies the cost of upgrade or development.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the Deca Core processors need not be 10 times faster than their single core counterparts. Efficiency, memory capacity, and other related aspects improve significantly. However, it doesn’t mean that the performance will increase by as many times as the number of cores.

FAQ #3 What are the Benefits Associated with the Deca Core Dedicated Servers?

There are wide array of advantages associated with the Deca Core dedicated servers. Some of the most important ones include reduction in latency, improvement in performance, decreased generation of heat, maximization of bandwidth as well as the primary memory, and decrease in consumption of power. Deca Core dedicated servers are better suited with the system architecture of the modern world.

As these processors are highly effective and fast, they are used in high performance facilities such as cluster arrangements as well as private clouds. The ability of processing instructions in parallel makes them the perfect choice for the creation of virtual machines.

Deca core processors are extremely valued by the gamers. This is because they need to multitask on a very rapid manner. In fact, those users who have to multitask on a regular basis can also choose Deca Core dedicated servers.

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