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Top 10 Reasons to Select a Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

Dedicated hosting is a costly web hosting solution but one which will give you your money’s worth. In dedicated Server hosting, there is one entire physical server which is exclusively leased out by an enterprise. This implies that unlike shared hosting plans, you will not be expected to share the server resources like bandwidth or RAM or power with any other neighboring site. You can enjoy unlimited server resources and you have complete control over the server and its configurations. When you choose to pay more for managed dedicated hosting solutions, you can be spared of the burdens of monitoring and securing the server too. All administrative tasks relating to the server, including troubleshooting its problems will be the sole responsibility of your dedicated web hosting provider.

What are the biggest reasons to choose dedicated servers?

1. Perhaps the biggest reason to choose a dedicated server hosting plan is high reliability and high server uptime. The provider will offer you a Service Level Agreement categorically stating the uptime guarantees and compensations that you will be given for the host’s failure to comply with such guarantees. Since in dedicated server hosting all server resources are under your control only, and you do not have to share these with others, you can be confident of getting a high uptime and better reliability.

2. Another solid reason to choose a dedicated server hosting is that you only pay for features which you use. The host will take care of all necessary security and hardware upgrades and updates. It will offer excellent connectivity and maintain the servers in a climate-controlled and secure environment. You neither have to spend money on buying the hardware and networking equipments; nor will you need to hire and maintain internal staff to monitor these. So, you basically end up paying for the features you require and not on buying or maintaining hardware.

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dedicated server hosting plans3. Since the host will arrange for the servers, software and networking, you can benefit from huge cost savings.

4. Dedicated hosts will give you compete control over the server and its configurations. As a result, you are free to deploy custom software and applications to boost your business.

5. You can also reply on a higher bandwidth as compared to a shared environment. In shared hosting, you have to be satisfied with limited bandwidth as there are many users sharing it and over-usage by anyone of these can lead to your bandwidth resources getting limited. When you have reliable bandwidth connections, you can be sure your applications will be up and running at all times.

6. Just like bandwidth, you will never have to worry about CPU limits. You can get all the processing power you need to run a variety of applications. This is also another big advantage over shared environments where the CPU is also shared amongst many tenants.

7. With a dedicated hosting plan, you will be well protected against unforeseen outages and disasters. The data centers are typically resilient to such natural calamities as they will not be based in earthquake-prone or flood-prone regions. You can also benefit from the host’s disaster recovery plans in case a disaster does strike for some reason.

8. With dedicated hosting servers, you can ensure that your internal staff is free to work on more significant business matters instead of dealing with routine server management tasks.

9. When your page loading times are found to be lagging, you should take it as a warning sign and sign up for dedicated server hosting right away. You will not want your visitors to leave the site because the pages fail to load up quickly.

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10. Finally, if you anticipate major business growth you should seek a Dedicated Server Hosting service. You can start with shared hosting when demands are not too large. But, as the traffic to the site grows, it is wise to keep upgrading to plans which can offer you more resources easily.

The dedicated hosting environment is perfect as it can be customized for every individual enterprise. Web hosts will let you specify your CPU and disk space requirements. These help to maximize returns on investments as you only pick and choose the hardware you want. Dedicated servers will also provide state-of-the-art physical security measures like biometric access controls, 24×7 patrolling, and CCTV cameras for surveillance night and day etc. Besides, hosting providers will also adopt cyber security measures like effective web application firewalls, DDoS protections and incident management.

These are some of the strongest reasons to choose dedicated hosting providers. However, not all providers are the same and it is advisable to test services before you pay for them. You can choose free trial offers provided by hosts and engage in free consultations with a host to see which plan suits your business needs the most.

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