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New applications need to be focused at accessing real time information and enabling prompt online transactions and must be capable of reducing operating costs while improving revenue earning. There is always an underlying threat in terms of increasingly sophisticated online attacks.


These online threats are mainly targeted at mission critical data, applications, and databases. This puts a significant strain on security measures, since these are also required to make sure that an array of government compliance requirements must be adhered to. Protection of applications should therefore be included in the strategy that deals with security.

Emergence of Web Application Firewall (WAF)

  • WAF or Web Application Firewalls are associated with the security strategy that encompasses protection of an enterprise’s vital assets with a view to achieve seamless continuity. Web Application Firewall can also be leveraged to secure other practices that deal with enterprise IT security.
  • This is the reason why Web Application Firewalls are regarded as the basic building blocks of an organization’s IT security ecosystem. These are implemented in order to govern the entire gamut of interactions with enterprise data.

Salient features of WAF


Simplified operations

Web Application Firewalls are built as simple commercial offerings. Since WAF is delivered through Software as a Service model, it operates by obviating Webserver platform. It can be up and running in an instant without impacting current traffic.


Remarkable security

Web Application Firewalls are designed to prevent hacking attempts that may jeopardize operations of a business website or mission critical application with an added defense against Zero Day Attacks. WAFD is also capable of reading headers as well as content of the request while performing in-depth analysis of traffic content such as HTTP and HTTPS. WAF is designed to read the request precisely in the manner similar to the application in order to defend potential threats.


State of the art features

WAF is built to comply with PCI DSS 6.6 standards by default and enables seamless accessibility to global Security Intelligence. WAF can be upgraded to deliver advanced features such as Network DDoS Protection. There are zero management or maintenance costs for implementation of WAF.

Service offerings

WAF services are aimed at providing management tools that are backed by top of the line products belonging to F5 or Imperva. The Security Operating Center is entrusted with a responsibility to monitor, manage, and maintain Web Application Firewall by expert analysts.

The event monitoring is executed on round the clock basis to achieve flawless vigilance for a hardened perimeter security. Users of WAF services are able to access professionally trained security experts. These experts are nothing but an extension of your on-premise IT staff. They are trained to take care of content development, analysis, maintenance, and configuration.

With an all round access to a client security portal that allows seamless visibility of compliance and security status of the organization, users are able to make vital decisions in terms of security without wasting valuable time. WAF services are also capable of providing necessary analytics as well as intelligence for ease of fathoming security risks.


WAF services help organizations to minimize a wide range of costs including costs for hiring, training, and managing security teams. Users can get unrestricted access to WAF services’ support teams for restoration or policy backup. Majority of reports are aimed at updating users in terms of compliance with regulatory requirements. These reports are in the form of trends that provide insights into several security metrics.

Web Application Firewalls can be used as a complimentary resource to strengthen perimeter security including security controls provided by hosts, and networks. WAF services can simplify the complex task of finding a robust security solution due to its cost efficiency and customizability.

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