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Updating your dedicated server is critical- Demystifying!

Security and RiskWhen you are running your application on a dedicated server environment, it is quite essential to keep an eye upon the server maintenance and software updates. Optimizing the risk associated with your IT infrastructure is the key to run your website smoothly. The hosting arrangement on which your application is running should be continually optimized and have the latest security patches installed. Business executives who are running intensive web applications should focus on the advanced monitoring, patching and issue resolution aspects to break out the havoc that occurs due to the foothold of hackers.

Why security is a critical aspect!

Your dedicated server is only as secure as the most outdated software running over your server managed machine. Overlooking a single program raise the intervention of malicious activity and hamper your application functionality. Before you know it, they get the full access over your business data and private information. The only thing that puts the barrier to accessing the vital assets is an encryption standard.

What hackers can do with your application and how you can optimize the risk are the major concerns that you have to contemplate about and find the appropriate solution for that.

Consider the scenarios, how hackers can penetrate in to your hosting arrangement.

  • They can take control over your dedicated server by exploiting vulnerabilities in either operating system or programs running in the web application.
  • Ironically, hackers watch around security patches to manipulate which part of the code has been changed.
  • Your operating system is likely the most complex program on which dedicated servers run, any type of web server software requires stringent authentication to read and write data. If you are running multiple servers, a single vulnerability in one machine can cause harm to others as well.
  • Failing to update your server control panel is like you have lost the access to the most critical part of your application like FTP accounts and various databases.

Once they get the access to your application, they can cause intense damage. Hackers can steal or corrupt data, modify websites, perhaps damage your dedicated server hardware by molding the voltages and fan speed in accordance to their malicious strategies.  Fixing your corrupted programs and recovering from the maleficent issues will require far more downtime than upgrading a software. So, updating your application program on a regular basis will never allow your website to halt.

Update everything

Most software comes with an auto- update feature to stay up to date. In addition, each piece of software will notify you when there is a new update available. What you have to do is just confirm the update to patch the software with the latest version. Active hosting providers offering various web hosting solutions such as VPS server hosting, email hosting, and other hosting solutions take care about each and every aspect of your dedicated server and make your application running all the time without any program vulnerabilities and security breaches.

Managed dedicated hosting service is wrapped up with the vital features, including comprehensive server management, guaranteed response time, patch updates, remote support, capacity planning and 24/7 monitoring of critical services to ensure security at the great extent.

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