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Designing a Vertical Focused Cloud Solution for Legal Sector

Legal industry is governed by a myriad of mandatory procedures and filing requirements. It is extremely difficult to design an industry specific cloud solution for legal sector because of its never ending list of essential prerequisites and a non-negotiable architecture.

Understanding the challenge
In order to create the right cloud hosting solution that would cater to needs of legal profession one needs to dispel the myth that a legal industry needs a highly comprehensive and robust approach while designing a cloud solution. In fact, the challenges faced by cloud vertical are not very different from other verticals.

Just like other industries, the current software solutions are highly dependent on desktops. Therefore, finding an easy way to integrate and collaborate such desktop hosted applications with networks of legal experts or co-counsels is by itself an overwhelming task. Further, the unpredictable internet services used by a number of courtrooms would complicate the process of networking for real-time interaction and content sharing.

Solution in sight
The time was ripe for legal sector to embrace cloud computing technology in order to exploit its flawless synching ability to share documents in real-time in addition to the ability of establishing an off-line access. It was however discovered  that a solution to this issue was already existing and being implemented by one of the software giants.

These unique challenges faced by legal industry while trying to adopt cloud computing have been addressed fairly well by one of the solutions developed by Microsoft that caters to needs of its own legal department. This is how Matter Center was released by Microsoft as it appreciated the value of its internal solution from the standpoint of the entire vertical of legal industry.

This unique cloud resource has been able to deliver vertical-wide cloud solution to legal sector. It was released by Microsoft into open market by doing away with the proprietary code to provide a foundation for creating tailor-made and niche-specific solutions for the entire legal industry.

Cloud Titan has been able to customize the code to create a practical as well as multi-tenant platform by leveraging Matter Center open source application. The basic idea behind developing the customized solution was to roll out a road-map to help the legal industry as a whole.

Engineering an industry specific platform
It is understood that no one-size-fits-all solution would suffice the specific requirements of some verticals such as the legal sector. This formed the basis for initiating the process for identifying the right approach while designing cloud adoption for legal industry.

In the beginning, the principal obstructions and pain-points were pin-pointed and these were worked upon for listing features of the possible solution. These features would provide the missing links to develop the most sought after vertical specific cloud adoption application for legal sector.

Designing the essential deployments- It is observed that performance of legal industry is driven by an array of essential requirements. The list of must-have deployments would serve as a robust foundation for developing unique cloud solutions.

Identifying the consumers- Lawyers would be the most common users of any legal industry specific cloud application since they can easily team up with their clients, witnesses, or co-counsels. The Matter Center platform was accordingly coded to include a multi-tenant feature to facilitate collaboration features for enabling consumers of legal sector specific cloud application.

Enabling access to technologies – The right platform for attorneys needs to offer ease of accessing Microsoft word, Microsoft Office 365, and other features such as Excel. These features would provide an ideal work environment within the cloud for helping attorneys and lawyers to operate even in an off-line mode.

Enabling support and service- Legal industry is one of the sectors that are governed by deadlines. Therefore this industry cannot accept delays or support of remote groups to help solve complex issues. This is precisely the reason why the Master Center platform leverages a local distribution model with single channel. Clients and legal firms can therefore look forward to instant and reliable technical support rather than depending on remotely located support teams.
Ensuring a global access- Lawyers as well as attorneys can operate without any hassles by teaming up with counsels or witnesses across remote global locations, thanks to the highly dispersed nature of Matter Center that is capable of covering European, Australian, Canadian, and US locations.

Defining data control features- It is quite obvious that lawyers and attorneys are required to be empowered with data control and access to content in a cloud application that exclusively caters to legal industry. The Matter Center fulfills these requirements since it allows lawyers to exercise seamless control on the data in addition to easy accessibility to legal content.

With an array of additional features and reworked coding, the Matter Center is a right poised to fulfill broader objectives of an ideal legal application with cloud capability.

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