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Government of India to Drive Its Cloud Services with 11 Cloud Services Including CyFuture, IBM, and Microsoft

The recent announcement by government to provisionally empanel eleven cloud service provider firms such as Microsoft, IBM, CyFuture and the state sponsored BSNL underlines CyFuture’s extensive capabilities as an established cloud provider.

Indian cloud hosting companies

The other companies who have been shortlisted for the empanelment as cloud providing agencies are Tata Communications, Microsoft Corporation, Sify Technologies, Web Werks India, ESDS Software Services, HP Enterprises India, CtrlS Data Centers and Net Magic IT Services.

This marks a significant shift from the governments earlier policy of procuring cloud services from National Informatics Center and a newly setup cloud project, which is aptly named MeghRaj, a Sanskrit word meaning the king of clouds.

Under these services the above mentioned organizations are to provide software, storage, and computing ability via a remote location on the basis of pay per use.

Emergence of CyFuture as a trusted cloud provider

Cloud computing technology has revolutionized IT resource provisioning and overall IT infrastructure at enterprises irrespective of size and category. The cloud technology is poised to drive blazing fast growth coupled with unlimited opportunities in IT sector.

CyFuture is one of the pioneering companies in India to embrace the ground breaking cloud computing technology. CyFuture has been offering its next generation cloud computing services with a mission to provide maximum resources at minimum costs. The organization is engaged in offering a wide gamut of cloud hosting services across the globe to large conglomerates and SMBs.

CyFuture owns and operates state of the art data centers at Noida and Jaipur to offer enterprise class cloud and traditional hosting services. Cloud computing is regarded as a major contributing factor that is helping private and government entities to handle extremely large volumes of data with dynamically scalable and always available resources.

Leading the nation’s cloud industry

In a very short period of time India has established herself as one of the most noteworthy and reliable nations to embrace cloud computing and is commanding a major share in global cloud consumption as well as implementation.

CyFuture is reputed to deliver top of the line cloud computing services under the aegis of Its cloud services are at par with world’s best cloud providing agencies.

It is reckoned for its wide range of cloud services including public, private, and hybrid cloud in addition to cloud CDN, load balancing, ERP cloud, and cloud services just to name a few. With more than a decade of proven service record and an enviable reputation of providing world class cloud hosting services, CyFuture is on its way to become a force to reckon with in Indian cloud hosting industry.

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