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Potentials Of BI Powered By Cloud Analytics

Analytics holds the powerful potential of identifying emerging business patterns. With its help, companies can now predict shifting market trends way ahead of their rivalry. For instance, cloud analytics helps a company to forecast lowest budget, so competition against deep-pocket teams becomes easy. Sometimes, business models are built alongside formulas which make use of information Read more>>


Critical Legacy Data Integration With Cloud Analytics Strategy

Cloud analytics helps to overcome legacy data integration barriers by connecting data sources. Success of a global enterprise (be it an SME or a large corporate) is guaranteed only if a critical data analytics strategy is incorporated these days. Thankfully, with the emergence of big data or cloud-based analytics, it has become easier to deal Read more>>


Cloud Analytics -Conduit To Next Generation Paradigm

“Application of Business analytics to the domain of cloud computing is the call of the day!” For building tomorrow’s enterprises, businesses are heading towards driving business innovation through cloud computing and analytic solutions. In this fast pacing dynamic world, both technological modernization and its adoption go hand in hand, when it comes to the success Read more>>