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Cloud Analytics -Conduit To Next Generation Paradigm

“Application of Business analytics to the domain of cloud computing is the call of the day!”

For building tomorrow’s enterprises, businesses are heading towards driving business innovation through cloud computing and analytic solutions. In this fast pacing dynamic world, both technological modernization and its adoption go hand in hand, when it comes to the success of an organization.

With changing times, it has become pertinent for organizations to comprehend and work in accordance to their business insights and ongoing trends. The growing urge of these organizations to leverage Business Intelligence to a maximum extent, and thereby ensure increased ROI returns and further growth has resulted into employing data analytic applications onto the Cloud. Cloud computing is a one stop solution for all such problems. It provides a platform to such organizations to utilize the computational power and storage space for precise purposes. The emergence of business analytics in the realm of Cloud has been possible due to the ability of cloud to process large sets of data, furnish extensive support for scalability at a comparatively low cost.

Cloud Analytics is the new buzz word in the industry. Till some time ago, the initial problem encountered was the dearth of information or data. However, as time evolved, this problem was curtailed with the introduction of Internet and decline in the cost of storage.

Now, the question that arises is – How to evaluate data?

Lots of data and information is getting generated on a daily basis in comparison to the current infrastructure that is available to process it.Enormous and dedicated servers could not deplete this difficulty in totality, as it did not prove to be economical and feasible for small set of companies to employ the services of these costly servers.

Cloud computing along with employing business analytics has opened up new avenues to the businesses to adopt nascent techniques of utilizing abundant information /data and simultaneously leverage the ability of the cloud to encounter the conservative acumen and stay ahead in the competition.

Cloud can act as an impeccable match to complement analytics. Cloud hosting services primarily involve technologies and tactics such as standardization, virtualization and automation etc. They enable organizations to follow an archetype to ensure cost effectiveness in operations through the deployment of shared applications and computing services.

Cloud analytics denotes applications that make use of cloud resources for analytics dispensation or to deliver analytical insights into the business. Primarily there are two kinds of services that are associated with the concept of Cloud Analytics:

  • Analytics as a service (AaaS): AaaS facilitates its users with the benefit of availability of analytics on request. Under this, a client needs to pay only for the usage of the analytic solution rendered by a cloud service provider. The service provider ensures a number of plausible analytical solutions to the users as their offerings, and it is at the final disposition of the user to pick solution that suits their specifications and requirements.
  • Model as a service (MaaS): In this type of service, several structural blocks are made available by the cloud service provider over the cloud platform to its users, with the aid of which they can establish their own customized analytical solutions.

To summarize, the world of cloud analytics encompasses umpteen benefits for its clients- cost elasticity, business scalability, market flexibility etc. The amalgamation of cloud and analytics makes it possible for the organizations to accomplish their analytical requirements in a reasonable manner.

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