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Xen or OpenVZ VPS Hosting to Boost Business Performance Diameter

Across the IT world, virtualization is one of the emerging techniques accorded by many of the businesses to curb server sprawl, boost resource utilization, and to taper off outstripping IT costs.  Forging ahead, virtualization technologies are edging VPS’s with performance altitudes, giving full customization, and administration capabilities to the site owners. Root access, resource obligations on shared hosting accounts are no longer a constraint with VPS server hosting. Unlike, choosing between Linux and Windows VPS server, businesses needs to spell out which virtualization technology, i.e. Xen or OpenVZ will foster their captious business applications.

Indeed, Xen and OpenVZ VPS hosting are open source server technologies and share  common features such as, increased resource utilization, rapid provisioning, hardware/software fault tolerance, etc.Below are the outlined characteristics of Xen and Open VZ technologies for your better understanding:

OpenVZ: OpenVirtuozzo is an operating system level virtualization platform based on Linux kernel and operating systems. Quite identical to FreeBSD jails & Solaris containers, OpenVZ allows multiple operating system instances on virtual containers.  Build on platform-independent code, OpenVZ is seamlessly portable across wide-spectrum of architectures. OpenVZ only supports Linux systems, consequently giving birth to several kernel issues. As a matter of fact, OpenVZ VPS hosting is inexpensive, easy to fathom, and is much influential than Xen VPS hosting.

Features at a Glance:

  • Complete root access.
  • Demands both the host and guest OS to  run Linux
  • Operating system level virtualization
  • Allows Up gradation on-the-go, without reboots.
  • Additional resources available due to lightweight virtualization
  • Easy network and disk setup
  • Give expeditious access to most iptables modules

Xen Virtualization Technology: Xen is a para-virtualization platform that creates VPS exactly identical to dedicated servers. It is a virtualization engine for x86-64, x86, PowerPC, and Itanium platforms. Umpteen numbers of processors use Xen to incorporate para virtualization technique. Working on privileged OS to manage hardware resources, Xen VPS hosting gives freedom to modify operating systems (running Xen) to attain optimal performance. The latest versions of Xen support Linux, Plan 9 from Bell Labs, GNU/Hurd/Mach, Minix, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OpenSolaris, FreeBSD, NetWare, and OZONE.

Features at a Glance:

  • Complete root access
  • Can run on two different types of guests
  • Supports both Linux and Windows
  • Better Java performance
  • Ram, storage, and other resources are completely dedicated
  • Para-virtualization based linux vps server kernel
  • Easy and direct access to various loadable kernel modules
  • Easy configuration
  • Swap space helps using a hard disk, when you run out of the allocated RAM

In a nutshell, an explicit mix of VPS with brass-bound virtualization technology will leverage businesses to excel, and give them freedom to configure their desired applications.

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