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Making Use of Cross-Platform Services to Remember Passwords

Seldom, we acquaint with horrible moments, and one of the same scary situation occurs when we fail to remember our usernames and password. Gone are the days, when picking up a single combination of password and using them everywhere was prevailing. Technically, using a universal password for all the sites raises the security concerns. The situation may have a number of prevalent repercussions: the hacked password for your Gmail account will allow the hacker to access your bank account indeed.

Thanks to advancement… Especially for those who don’t have super memory to remember their long lists of usernames and password credentials. These days, we have multiple solutions available around us to generate, manage, and remember usernames and passwords, such as LastPass, Keepas, PasswordVault, and RoboForm.

KeePass: KeePass is an open-source, free password management utility that offers robust functionality to protect your passwords with a single key-file or a master password. All your passwords can be kept in a single database and locked with a single master password. It is very much symmetrical in functionality to 1Password; however, the way it works is quite intricate. Originally designed for Windows platforms, 1Password is also available for Linux and Mac OSX. By simply syncing the database, using a cloud-syncing service, you can access the database wherever you wish to have it. Till the time, you have this database file with you and you remember the master password, you will have access to your login credentials. In case, the file gets stolen or falls prey to wrong hands, no one will have access to your credentials; this is one of the stunning characteristics of KeePass. The master password and the encryption technique used in KeePass keeps your sensitive login details away from hackers.

LastPass: LastPass is one of the most prominent password management solutions used for creating unique password for each of the websites that a user visits. This password management solution is compatible with both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to securely synchronize your passwords between multiple computers. All you have to remember is the master password to your LastPass account. Moreover, LastPass encrypts all the passwords before they leave user’s computer, thus, putting a cork on even LastPass servers to read or access them. The cutting-edge tool helps in generating strong password and swiftly works with various other password managers for import and export process.

1Password: This password management tool shares most of the characteristics of LastPass, however it is integrated with better design than LastPass. Primarily designed for Macintosh operating system, this password management tool is now available for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. The major benefit of this tool is that it not only provides form filling, but it also helps users to keep their credit card profiles to use while shopping online. The database file gets synchronized using services like DataBagg, Google Drive in case you want to access 1Password from different platforms. Both, the iPhone and Palm users can simply download this app for their respective devices to carry the information with them. However, a user needs to ensure that the password he/she chooses for accessing the database file is long, strong and difficult to guess as you will be entering the similar password into 1Password’s browser extension.

RoboForm: Developed by Siber Systems, Inc, this password management and form filling utility automates password entering and form filling. Available for various browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and other Trident-based browsers, RoboForm was named PC Magazine Editor’s Choice. RoboForm allows keeping credentials in the cloud and provides access to the same with any of the devices, such as computer and mobile devices. It helps you to manage passwords, generate new passwords, fill in forms, and encrypts your database file.

At the end, this can be concluded that using a single password for all the websites is manifestly not at all a good idea. It is more alike, keeping all your gold jewelry, money, and other important asset at one place. God forbid, but if the thief gets access to the same, it can catch up the same, leaving you in remorse. Thus, it is smart to have different passwords for different websites. Moreover, a password management tool will help you to keep a track of all your passwords and securing them from being hacked.

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