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DDOS Attacks And Their Serious Repercussions

A distributed denial-of-service attack has become prevalent these days. The repercussions of denial of attack are extensively high, where an attacker onslaught the access of legitimate users from accessing a website completely or by ending up to a delayed response. Envisaging DDoS attacks on your online business, where multitude of compromised systems attack a dedicated target, can give you sleepless nights.

Conversely, these attacks are targeted to serve diverse motives, such as competitive brand damage, extortion, activism, and just simple old boredom with an ultimate objective to suspend or interrupt the service of the businesses operating online. These attacks are either sent by the team of two or more than two people or with the help of bots. DoS attacks are highly aimed at the websites and services hosted on high-profile web servers, such as banks, root name servers, e-commerce websites, and credit card payment gateways. One of the evident kinds of DoS attack occurs when an attacker overloads a network with unwanted requests.

When you enter a URL of some website to fetch information, your request is send to the server to view the page. The server can only process a given number of requests at once, however, if an attacker sends the same number of requests, your request will off course not get processed. The flood of unwanted requests will force the system to perform slowly, or either shut down completely. Not, every time, these attacks are intentional. Sometimes, due to sudden enormous spike in popularity also forces to have denial of service to the users.

Reverberation of DDoS: Distributed denial of service attacks may vary in both size and sophistication. It leads to slow network performance, unavailability of the website for the visitors, inability to access the website, increase in the number of spam mails, discontinuation of an Internet connection, complete shutdown of the websites.

Be it an enterprise or a website hosting application provider – for them securing their customers from these types of attack is highly important. Effectively incorporated DDoS detection techniques, traffic classification and response tools to block illegitimate traffic will help to forestall these serious attacks on business performance.

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