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An operating system is a software which allows an user to fiddle through the various software and obviously to perform the required jobs. An operating system such as the Linux directs the commands to the various files and applications on the system which are normally generated through the user. Linux is one of best operating systems of the world that rule the computers.

Originally developed as a free operating system with free and open source software in 1991 and from there it went on to rule the computers of the world. As of now, less than 5 % of the world’s super computers do not run on Linux and the rest are under its command. The fact that all the 44 fastest supercomputers of the world are all run by Linux operating systems is commendably self-assuring of the product.

What stands it apart from the other operating systems is ,that it is a robust software. The security essentials are tough enough which drastically minimizes the chances of spyware attack. The user interface of Linux which is also known as the shell has a number of desktop user interfaces such as desktop environments KDE Plasma Desktop, GNOME, Cinnamon, Unity, LXDE, Pantheon and Xfce along with many other options. Being an open source operating system, Linux is one of the most cost effective operating systems in the IT expanse.


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