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Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

The LDAP, also known as the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is a request protocol for retrieving and handling the disseminated directory data services over an IP (Internet Protocol) network.

Directory facilities may deliver any systematized set of accounts, often with a graded structure, like the business e-mail directory. In the same way, a telephone almanac or the directory is a data of all the subscribers with a phone number and the address.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is itemized in a sequence of IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) Standard Track publications which is known as the Request for Comments or the RFCs, which uses the explanation language ‘ASN.1’. The newest update is Version 3, which is published as the ‘RFC 4511’. For instance, here is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol search interpreted into simple English: ""Look in the business’s e-mail almanac for all the people who are residing in Boston city, whose name has 'Messi' in the e-mail address. Now, please go back to their full name, title, email, and description.""

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