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Tips to Prevent Nerve-Racking Emails Loss

The world has changed a lot, technology is upgrading at its fastest velocity with an aim to revamp the world. In this refurbishing process, emails have caught as an abetment for commencing the part of the process. The emergence of this communication channel has acquainted steep augmentation from the past long years. In point of fact, businesses of all contours are leveraging this intercommunication model to bolster their network among their employees, colleagues, and partners. Nevertheless, email popularity is because of its innate characteristics that it feed to its users, the statistics unveil that this transmission model has rendezvous several unwanted email infringement and loss scenarios, too.

In this regard, the government has decided to ban Google's Gmail that came in the wake of epiphany by erstwhile US National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden about mass illegal surveillance by the United States, emphasizing to use official emails. As per the discovery by Snowden, the US government had access to network infrastructure of various countries and personal info, including emails & chat records of users.

Email breach and loss has become prevalent in the heading days. Hackers are able to peep into the mailboxes to fetch the confidential information, and are developing nerve-racking techniques to make the malevolent wish an accomplishment. Leaked data can strangle the business reputation, customer loss, and may restrict the competitive edge. To such a degree, it is impeccably critical – to safeguard emails from email breach, or loss.

Below are some of the tried and tested practices that can aid corporate (applied to all) to ward-off personal and professional email leakage, while meeting up the burgeoning regulatory environment:

Gauge Violations Using Email DLP: Integrating email DLP to track and report email violation can help in mitigating email loss scenarios. Violation report generated through Email DLP when comprehensively analyzed on the basis of business units or regions sights a rear view of the areas of due concern. In significance to DLP, tracking violations & viewing reports help connoting the ongoing success of the set business norms.

Using Email Filtering Tools: As reported, most of the organizations give more focus on incoming traffic and safeguarding emails against malicious program incursion, such as worms, botnets, spyware, etc, however, they are unaware that their outgoing mails can burst the security cap of your business. Outbound info filtering policy will give you an insight of the violations and help block, redact, quarantine, or automatically encrypt the confidential messages utilizing the efficient policy-driven rules engine.

Spread Employee Participation: Spreading awareness among your employees to be the first to report unwarranted email operations. It is not every time feasible for the email administrators and compliance manager to gauge information flow. Let your employees work as an extension of your IT team and self-monitor the outgoing information flow of their own emails. The other way around is to encrypt the emails, while sending them across. Additionally, make your employees aware of the set policies by 'word of mouth'.

Conclusion: Protecting emails from unwarranted threats will reinforce the communication channel and help in saving your business integrity

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