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Render Your Desired Objectives With Colocation Hosting Offerings

Everyday changing life and technology can only be sufficed, if one adapts to the change going around. In a similar fashion, businesses are putting in their nerve-racking efforts to keep breast with the technological advancements and thus acquaint with consistent growth. Not for every business, it is feasible to have its own data center facility, skilled technocrats, and flexibility to accommodate their magnifying requirements. At this point of time, colocation offerings come into the business radar, which provides them with flexibility, reliability, and security that they envisage for their enterprise rise. These services are delivered through a tailored, client-centric platform; provides unswerving connectivity options to boost revenue, slash down expenses, and enhance service quality.

The major pointers that need adroit scrutiny by businesses exploring colocation facility are listed below:

Data Center Redundancy: Redundancy is one of the premiere factors that ensure the uptime for business-critical functions. Data centers with enhanced redundancy provides two or more than two independent, parallel power supplies to deliver lucid, protected, and conditioned power, right from the utility to the data center rack. Each of the independent power paths has its own dedicated equipment (such as power systems, power distribution systems, etc.), which wards-off the peril of downtime. At the time of failure, these redundant paths actively perform the dedicated tasks. Data center redundancy in terms of telecommunications infrastructure should be evaluated. Not with less than two Internet backbones and that too with redundant connections should be acceptable for business of any kind. Few of the data centers, claim that they operate in a redundant manner, but fall short of what they claim to do.

Data Center Security: A data center must have stringent security measures in place, both in terms of location and physical security. Data centers build-in low traffic, geographically stable location with consistent weather conditions, including – low catastrophic perils (flood, hurricane, landslides, and earthquakes) should only be preferred.

Now comes the physical security: Both entrance and exit points, including the equipment located externally needs to be caged, alarmed and should be under CCTV surveillance. All the entrance points should be physically and electronically guarded. Biometric access, photo-id card systems, and other preventive measures should be in place. The whole data center facility and its equipment need 24x7x365 monitoring by the dedicated staff. Only authorized visitors should have access to their equipment with an escort. These all security traits will help in ensuring a safe business journey

Certifications and Audits: A data center should have adequate controls in place to meet with the industry standards. Audits related to information technology, operational activities verify that the service provider is ensuring security, operating integrity, and availability

Network Infrastructure and Scalability: Data centers should home bandwidth from Tier 1 backbone provider and must incorporate cutting-edge routing technologies to optimize and route traffic in a way that it ensures superb connectivity and loading speed. Border Gateway Protocol version 4 is one of the leading routing technologies that automatically routes the traffic with unmatched performance. Having peered with several ISP providers and best routing technology connotes the reliability of a data center. Data center engrossed with cutting-edge network architecture also provides freedom to connect to other telecom providers without slowing or halting your business functions. Moreover, a data center facility should be flexible enough to meet your requirements

Level of Support: A data center should have 24X7X365 on-site technical experts that can offer assistance and can fix the issues with complacent solutions. Moreover, they should be capable of handling application layer attacks. Adroit technical engineers will timely diagnose, troubleshoot and mitigate the perils. Make sure that the support provided by the colocation hosting service provider is seamless and it has well-trained & certified professionals to heed your IT components.

Adjudication: Rotating heads toward sophisticated data centers offering colocation services will shore up SMEs and some of the biggest enterprises in the world to offload the perils of growing capital costs, data center facility management & maintenance and obsolescence and will focus on core business operations.

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