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Deploy Your WordPress Sites on Cloud Platform to Reap Real Benefits

All of us are quite familiar with a widely known blogging/CMS platform which is WordPress. It is one the most commonly used platforms across the globe for website building and blogging. The main reason why WordPress is so widespread among individuals and businesses is that it facilitates them with complete customization and complete control.

One can seamlessly customize and code pages, add new blog posts, approve or remove comments and integrate required plugins. Whether one is a web developer or a novice, getting started with WordPress is extremely simple.

Here is a close look at the way in which users can harness maximum benefits by deploying a WordPress site on cloud hosting platform

Cloud hosting is the newest buzzword in the hosting industry. The reason for it being such a fad is because cloud hosting has major benefits over other standard hosting servers (Shared, VPS and Dedicated).

Simply put, in the cloud, website is hosted across multiple servers. Therefore, users can easily pull resources (such as RAM, disk space and bandwidth) from various servers instead of relying on single machine. Furthermore, this empowers them to scale their website as per varying business requirements.

WordPress website become more scalable when hosted on a cloud platform. The important thing here to comprehend is why WordPress site hosted on the cloud is better relatively to other hosting platforms like dedicated or a shared server.

Here are some of the key benefits of hosting WordPress site on cloud platform:

Optimized Server: Cloud servers are basically optimized to run WordPress effectively. Besides, a hosting provider hires experienced technical teams which are well acquainted with WordPress. That is why they can manage server-related glitches.

Managed Services: WordPress cloud hosting platform is completely monitored by system and database admins and qualified technicians. WordPress related technical conflicts are instantly fixed by a team of experts. Be it automatic plugin updates, speed optimization, backups or server monitoring, maintenance, one can concentrate on other important aspects of their business with complete peace of mind.

Scalability: It enables the user to scale server resources (RAM, disk space, CPU cores, bandwidth) according to their growing website requirements. Thus, if unexpectedly a website or blog experiences a sudden spike in web traffic that the server can’t manage, they can easily add resources on to it. Such scenarios usually arise during peak business seasons so that one can seamlessly add resources to manage increased traffic and scale resources down later.

Reliability: No server comes with lifetime warranty. Every server tends to crash at least once, which results in website downtime. However, with the cloud, a user will not face such things as a WordPress website hosting on multiple servers. In case one server goes down, the subsequent server immediately kicks-in, ready to keep the website up and running all the time. Cloud hosting to a great extent reduces server downtime.

Security Provision: WordPress (being an exceptionally popular CMS application) is also one of the most vulnerable platforms as it falls prey to hackers. However, with various security provisions integrated in the WordPress cloud hosting ensures security against unscrupulous attacks.

Some of the key measures used are as follows:

  • Redundant Firewalls
  • DDoS Protection
  • Customized Firewall Rules
  • Automatic Core/Plugin Updates
  • Comprehensive Malware Scanning
  • Password protected Admin Access Controls

Conclusion: WordPress cloud hosting is undeniably one of the most ideal and cost-effective ways to host a website. It is a trend that is here to stay for long. Host your website on this powerful platform and harness its benefits in real-time.

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