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Adopt Managed Hosting for Healthy Growth of eCommerce Website Business

Managed hosting is empowering large number of ecommerce websites that are using VPS, dedicated, or Cloud based hosting. There are innumerable hosting service providers that are engaged in offering their services for efficient administration of system software, hardware, or operating systems among others. Although there are hardly any differences as far as the basic services offered by managed hosting providers, there are some additional attributes that can differentiate few of the reputed services from the rest.

Fundamental tasks of managed hosting providers span software install and configuration, setting up and configuration of hardware, security patching and updates, continuous technical support, performance monitoring, and providing support for system maintenance.

In terms of additional features, these managed hosting services can also empower their users with intrusion detection, vulnerability scans, backups, load-balancing disaster recovery and protection from DDoS attacks just to name a few. These services are usually considered as value addition and users need to pay accordingly.

 Outline of managed hosting services

Managed hosting services ensure setting up of servers by installing cPanel or Plesk along with Linux or Windows operating systems and also monitor performance of servers, databases, and networks.

Clients systems are also monitored by using state of the art security scanning tools such as MTvScan for malware or viruses. The host is responsible for management of applications including installation and updating on regular basis. Clients can look forward to seamless patching support for protection of system from security related concerns by installing OS and application patches as well as updating and bug fixing.

Managed service providers are known to offer round the clock customer support for troubleshooting any technical glitches involving server related problems by adept technical teams. Two of the most significant tasks performed by managed hosting providers is maintenance of hardware including its upgrade and reliable backup services for instant access to business critical data in the event of any disaster that could impact data availability or data integrity.

Reviewing different managed hosting options

Users can avail managed hosting either as fully managed or partially managed hosting. Unfortunately, there is no standardization of services that should be offered in partially managed or fully managed hosting and this calls for a careful approach while selecting service providers since the type of services offered by different providers are not always same.

In case of fully managed hosting, the host is supposed to shoulder entire responsibility of the server’s administration such as its performance as well as maintenance. Whereas, in partially managed hosting users need to look after part of server administration. Users of partially managed hosting are backed by technical support staff that has required expertise for managing and maintaining servers. One needs to clearly understand need for a partially managed hosting and why it should be preferred to fully managed hosting in a particular setup.

Every hosting package is influenced by the type of hosting. Hence the packages offered in shared hosting are different from dedicated or VPS hosting. The service offerings are bound to be governed by these differences.

Benefits of managed hosting for Online Businesses

Management by prevention- This is a prime advantage of managed hosting to run ecommerce business because seamless management offered by service provider is capable of preventing issues that could affect performance of online enterprises.

The major preventive tasks in managed hosting are security scanning, compatibility checks, and monitoring of performance. These are designed to ensure timely detection and neutralization of issues before these could develop into full blown impediments. If you happen to run an ecommerce site that has unique requirements and are not supported by in-house technical experts, then a fully managed hosting solution is what you need.

Greater website performance

It is a well accepted fact that sites that take more than a few seconds to load may cause loss of potential customers. Faster loading sites not only help customers stay on the sites but are also known to contribute to higher search engine ranks. Website speed can be influenced either by website’s configuration or speed of server. Managed hosting service constantly monitors server for any performance related issue and makes sure that the server is delivering an optimum performance for an outstanding website speed in spite of traffic fluctuations.

Assured online availability

Managed hosting service providers guarantee unmatched website performance with SLA backed network uptime of 99.95 percent to make sure that your online store is always accessible to your visitors.

Uncompromising security

Ecommerce sites are constantly exposed to a variety of online threats including hacking attempts, DDoS attacks, intrusion attempts, and malware just to name a few. The need for a secured solution is greater due to online transaction by using passwords and credit card credentials of customers. If you have chosen a managed hosting service for running your online store, then you can rest assured about security aspects. Transactional security can also provide assurance of safety to your clients.

Cost effective option

It will require simple mathematical calculations to understand that self managed hosting can prove to be a costlier option than managed hosting. You will have to employ dedicated technical experts to look after administration of servers and management of security. Managed hosting offers you freedom to focus on the growth of business rather than on mundane tasks related to website performance, server maintenance, upgrades, and security patching among others.

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