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Dedicated Server

Sign that Servers Give When It’s Time For an Upgrade

So, the most pressing question of the decade that we, as data center service providers, come across is “should I upgrade to a more advanced servers or increase my RAM?” This is one of the finest (and most cliché) questions that our support team gets asked. As data center providers, we know how confusing it Read more>>

5D Crystal

5D Storage Crystals: The Superman of the Storage World

Scientists have been working to invent always a better way to store data all around the world. All the work on the objective to find out such a data storage technology that can store data for last like forever. As there is no end to the storage needs of individuals and companies they had to Read more>>

Data Center Colocation

Flash Storage: An Optimal Approach to Cutoff Storage Bottlenecks

In this fast-paced and competitive IT scenario, the speed at which services are delivered in compliance with user’s need connotes sustainable business growth mantra. Escalating data growth, budget constraints, and demand for seamless performance have mounted pressure on data center service providers to offer a balanced solution that efficiently addresses all of the above emphasized Read more>>


SDN Networks Set Cloud Apart from the Old Data Center

Today’s data centers look for networks that are capable of evolving at the speed of software. Sensing the significance data center virtualization, reputable IT companies introduce Software-defined Networking (SDN) solutions that quickly virtualize the data center. It has been observed that datacenter virtualization allows organizations to deploy secure, isolated cloud networks in just a few Read more>>


How to Plan for Virtualization and Avoid Downtime

Virtualization technology allows businesses to optimize global IT environment in order to match the needs of a dynamic business. It can improve mundane IT functions and strengthen your environment in tandem. Stepping into a virtualized infrastructure for your business critical applications can help you: Simplify intricate processes to mitigate errors and unwanted scenarios Add agility Read more>>


Managed Cloud Hosting Services Reshaping Businesses

Cloud computing is changing the way companies do business and has become a business imperative. In fact, it has reached an essential inflexion point where it is influencing strategies and business models. Companies that have contemplated cloud potential and are making right use of it are able to create a sustainable competitive advantage. In this Read more>>