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Cloud Security

Top 5 Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Security Solutions

In recent years, a lot of businesses from across diverse sectors and industries have moved their operations, either entirely or in part, to the cloud. It is apparent that those who haven’t moved their operations to the cloud so far will be doing so soon or have started planning for the migration. The cloud has Read more>>

Key Factors to Assess Before Moving Your Data into Cloud

We are witnessing extensive adoption of cloud computing in almost all verticals and categories of industries. It is observed that every organization is moving either part of entire IT infrastructure to cloud for gaining operational agility and resource scalability and flexibility of business processes. Significance of assessing features of cloud storage Before moving your data Read more>>

Is Flash Storage Only Confined to Speed and Performance?

Remember hard disk technology, magnetic hard disks, hardware based storage arrays, fillers and raid technology that fosters block based volumes and file systems? No wonder storage industry has undergone a paradigm shift in terms of technology. Turn back the hands of time and you will realize that this fundamental shift has fuelled up the innovation Read more>>

Software Defined Data Center – For Best in Class Storage and Networking Virtualization

SDDC or software-defined data center is a data storage resource where all essentials of the infrastructure, for example, storage networking, Central Processing Unit, and security are virtualized and delivered as a service. Storage virtualization is created by pooling of physical storage from multiple network storage devices into abstraction of a single storage device that is Read more>>


Data Can Be Streamlined With Online Data Storage

Effective management of exponentially growing data is mandatory for long-term success. Thanks to Cloud, a cutting-edge innovation in the IT industry, which has indubitably simplified the complexity of keeping bulk amount of data. There are a number of Cloud hosts, providing breakthrough online data storage services to the businesses of all shape and sizes. Let’s Read more>>