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SDN Networks Set Cloud Apart from the Old Data Center

Today’s data centers look for networks that are capable of evolving at the speed of software. Sensing the significance data center virtualization, reputable IT companies introduce Software-defined Networking (SDN) solutions that quickly virtualize the data center. It has been observed that datacenter virtualization allows organizations to deploy secure, isolated cloud networks in just a few minutes. What takes hours or even days to accomplish in traditional datacenter is replaced into minutes with the evolution of Software-defined Networking solutions and cloud computing.

Datacenters featuring cloud computing enable an ever-ready and accessible-everywhere world of information and productivity. The cloud computing model integrated with SDN increases efficacy and promotes economies of scale by accumulating compute, storage and networking resources, allocating them where they are most needed. This paves the way for their optimum utilization, resulting in the elimination of physical infrastructure.

SDN networks come as a blessing in disguise as such solutions bring virtualization in network infrastructure and this in turn enables workloads and data sets to automatically move between dispersed and diverse cloud server and storage pools. High level programming used in SDN networks augments abstractions of network data flows. Besides, SDN reduces energy consumption by enabling servers and other data center components to operate at minimal loads, which provides an opportunity to cut down cost down power cost to a great extent. If reports are to be believed, datacenters with SDN networks guarantee to provide greater security when compared to the security level offered by web hosting service providers.

All in all, SDN makes data center agile, efficient, flexible and scalable. These attributes undeniably give competitive edge to organizations, irrespective of size and business nature.

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