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TaaS: An Integral Part of Cloud Application Management

Software testing leads to technological complexities within application performance. Other issues that emerge from test strategies include software tracing challenges, increasing costs and security questions. In order to curb these issues, testing has undergone a long evolution cycle starting from ad-hoc practices to the a centralized managed test center method. Today, this outsourcing model has taken the form of TaaS or testing-as-a-service.

Cloud Application based TaaS involves testing activities devised by engaging consultants, who are associated with business activities within an organization. It ensures the delivery of specialized testing efforts without much indulgence into technicalities related to design or system architecture.

This on-demand testing solution includes the following services:

On-demand TaaS is best suited for on-demand software. It ultimately becomes useful in simulating production copies of Cloud Application environments. This is far more efficient than on-premise test strategies. Testing products such as load, stress, interoperability, security and performance are offered as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS under TaaS.

Clearly, TaaS is a self-service solution (powered by a tailor designed control panel) which has been strategically designed to cater to the needs of private clouds for the orchestration of a robust testing process. It also includes a comprehensive test library which delivers complete access and security controls. Important test assets like data bank files, scripts and user configurable parameters are made available to end users.

As a result, an end-to-end automation and test lab provision gets produced which helps in load execution and functional test scripts automation. Such a rich application monitoring and analysis/ diagnosis of data leads to a sophisticated charge back facility. This measures the usage of the test cloud resources by users.

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Therefore, a TaaS offering from cloud hosting company significantly reduces testing time as well as delivers high quality service. As a result, organizations become agile and render business critical applications to customers within a stipulated time-frame.

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