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Key Data Center Attributes that are Capable of Evolving Businesses

Key Data Center Attributes that are Capable of Evolving Businesses

Demand for more efficient and scalable data processing resources has been exponentially growing and businesses are faced with challenges of keeping pace with diverse and more distributed workloads by adopting complex technologies. This is particularly true in case of organizations that are expanding their footprint across wider geographical locations.

Efficient workload distribution

It is found that all types and sizes of enterprises are in need of more efficient ways for distribution and control of data. It is not surprising that most of the enterprises are moving their workloads to cloud and also looking for more intensive solutions fir catering to their critical demands. In short, there is a growing need for adapting to cutting edge technologies that can satisfy complex demands.

Optimization of data distribution by building innovative architectures and highly efficient content distribution networks is the need of the hour. This also reflects in projected demand for content distribution solution that is posed to reach more than $15 Billion by 2020.

The growth in demand for CMS solutions implies that more and more enterprises from small and medium sectors have understood the importance of controlling as well as enhancing distribution of workloads across wider geographies. If you are able to find a right data center resource, then you can expect to grow your business and in case you are fortunate enough to partner with one of the best data center providers then you can definitely take your business to the next level. Ability to carry and deliver the data to the edge is a new mantra for choosing the right data center partner.

Remote distribution of data

The best approach to work with a data center provider is by way of creating SLAs that are focused at boosting your business growth and website availability. The business can grow by keeping the pace with current market trends if SLAs are designed to support business growth and to ensure efficient coverage of visitors across targeted geographies.

Agility and availability of data across desired locations can be achieved by making sure that the following resources are made available by the chosen provider of data center services.

State of the art interconnects

Integration with multiple providers of cloud solutions is an inherent ability of reputed data center services. These providers also offer array of Ethernet services and interconnects. In fact, several established providers including Rackspace, Azure, Amazon, and Internap have already integrated cloud CDN solutions with their hosting plans.

CDN services can also be leveraged from telcos such as AT&T, Verizon, NTT and Telefonica to name a few. If you wish to build your on-site CDN platform, then you need to get associated with CloudFlare, Aryaka, or OnApp to name just a few.

Whatever the approach you choose, the data center provider must be capable of working with you for achieving efficient yet economical dispersion of data that can be seamlessly cached. CDNs are much more than simple resources to transfer data across remotely located users. Your data center provider can help you explore wide range of benefits available with cutting edge CDN solutions.

You will not face any difficulty while identifying an efficient data center provider with state of the art CDN facilities. In fact, there are several service providers including Amazon CloudFront that have established their presence across continents such as Asia, Europe, and so forth.

These services are designed to cover five continents with as many as fifty-five edge locations. However, while procuring CDN services, one must make retain controls on the data that flows in or flows out. In most of the instances, local CDN management may be sufficient otherwise you can leverage REST APIs or similar methods for simplified management of CDNs. If you are using PHP, Java, or Ruby, then you will also be able to use robust management tools provided by open source code.

Optimized data distribution

Intensely distributed data workloads cannot be managed by providers with facility of only few CDN locations. You need to consider an efficient data distribution resource that is also affordable. Primary role of a Cloud CDN solution is to empower business owners and offer an excellent user experience.

You should also select the provider by understanding the nature of data that is going to be distributed. Some providers such as Yotta are specifically equipped for optimizing mobile as well as web services, while Aryaka focuses on facilitating robust solutions for optimization of WAN to boost distribution and delivery of data.

Need for efficient data centers

Data centers are mission critical resources for facilitating vital applications business tools, and user environments. Since data processing and storage requirements are poised for exponential growth, data centers will be required to deliver efficiency and economy while catering to client needs. Data center facilities will have to act as bridges between cloud hosting services and enterprise infrastructure.

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