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New Era Of IT Industry

New Era Of IT Industry In India

“Cloud computing is not a model that suddenly appeared overnight.”

Plenty has been said or written about cloud computing in recent years. In fact it is pertinent to have a comprehensive understanding on growing industry trends. “Cloud computing” was coined for what happens when applications and services are moved into the internet “cloud.”

Companies all over the world are utilizing the cloud for their businesses, allowing users to access their technology anytime, anywhere with ease. Essentially, organizations availing the services of cloud, or cloud computing, have their files, software, information and resources available anywhere on a virtual network.

Most of the organizations are acquainted with the idea of cloud computing within their own private cloud. Recently, public cloud computing has captured the attention in market as a more aggressive model and cloud computing solution that enables business to achieve the formidable objectives. Public cloud brings dynamic and responsive infrastructure that enables to increase business differentiation and innovation.

Cloud computing is all set to take a much more prominent role in our highly tech savvy society. Industries like BFSI, retail, telecom, education, healthcare and government are looking forward to cloud for more simple and advanced solutions.

Following are few of the factors that are driving cloud computing to a new level:

Achieve economies of scale – It enables to increase volume of output or productivity with fewer people. It means cost per unit; project or product simply rolls down

Cost saving on technology infrastructure– It provides easy access to your information with minimal upfront spending. “Pay as per use” is the concept followed with it.

Globalization of your workforce with dropped prices– Due to the global access, people can access the cloud hosting with simple internet connection. No special configuration is required for it

Streamline processes– Managing business operation was never this easy. More work can be done in less time with less staff.

Improve accessibility– You can access information and data anytime, anywhere, making your life so much stress-free!

Monitor projects more effectively– Projects are monitored perfectly for timely completion and can easily be squeezed into budget bar.

Reduced capital costs– No need to turn out pockets on hardware, software or licensing fees.

Less personnel training is needed– Few of the people are required to do more work on a cloud with a minimal training on hardware and software issues.

This shift towards Cloud Computing is a clear cost and convenience-win for consumers who can access and manage their digital data as per their requirement anytime or anywhere.

In times to come, we can expect to witness better system of communication between cloud-based applications, improvements in cloud network resource management and likewise further future development.

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