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The Role Of Social, Mobile, Analytics And Cloud In Healthcare And How It Helps The Industry

The Role Of Social, Mobile, Analytics And Cloud In Healthcare And How It Helps The Industry

Emerging technologies such as Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud have become a part of our daily routine and touch our lives in many ways today. These are some of the core technologies from the IT industry and they have all been developed with the intent of making life easy for businesses and individuals. With smartphones and the internet rapidly reaching newer zones and spreading faster than ever before, there is no dearth of information for those seeking it using technology.

Mobile, or more specifically the smartphone, has become an omnipresent device and is an extension of an individual’s personality. It has changed the way people communicate; access content or do business. It is now possible for companies to market their brands and reach their targeted consumers through smart phones.


Social Media And Healthcare

Social media is another key element that has helped companies in interacting with their potential buyers and customers directly. The medium can be used for sharing information and communicating in a more impactful manner. Not surprisingly, social sharing has deeply impacted marketing methodologies and is one of the biggest influencing factors for people to make buying decisions.

Using Analytics To Improve Quality Of Treatment

Businesses using the online route to market and sell products are heavily dependent on detailed analytics to create strategies and target their audience. With tons of assorted data being generated from a complex system of business transactions, it can become extremely difficult for companies to get their analysis right. Experts are needed for accurate interpretation and reporting of data patterns to decode them and apply them to business management methods and strategies.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Another IT-related service that’s taking the world by storm is Cloud-based services. It is providing companies absolute freedom from the hassles of electronic data housing, making it a highly cost-effective resource for server hosting and website and applications management.

The convergence of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud which is collectively referred to as SMAC could well become the next big thing in business technology. While every component of SMAC could benefit business significantly across various applications, more benefits can be enjoyed if all the SMAC components are integrated and used as one powerful technology. In healthcare IT specifically, SMAC has the potential to play a critical role and can help solve the many mountainous challenges that the industry has been grappling with for want of a compelling and practical solution.

Benefits For Providers

Healthcare providers that include medical practitioners, clinicians, pharmacies and hospitals, play an important role in the industry. Social media is a medium that makes it easy for providers to remain in direct and constant touch with end users of their services. Open forums are the preferred platform for healthcare providers for interacting with communities on a range of healthcare topics. Social media gives them the transparency and the convenience to provide advice and suggestions. What’s more, they get quicker response which helps them make fast and accurate medical decisions. Marketing is one of the biggest benefits that the healthcare industry can enjoy by using the social media platform.

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Paper-based reports are a major cause of concern for medical practitioners. It is no secret that handwriting of physicians is a nightmare to deal with for those involved in providing healthcare services. Many times, it results in inability to share data. Cloud-based HER systems and mobile solutions make it easy for users to access data from anywhere. This ensures high availability and complete reliability. Record of medical history of patients of all treatments done in the past too can be accessed quickly and effortlessly. This allows physicians to plan the future treatment better by taking into consideration the past history of illnesses and treatments.

Benefits For Patients And Other Payers

SMAC works well for tasks like membership management, claims processing, designing of products, billing, and others. It can also play a key role in minimizing frauds. Managing the life cycle of a claim can be quite complex and challenging. Unlike the manual process of the past, payers can use SMAC solutions to ensure that claim is quickly checked, verified with all the players involved and processed accurately using mobile devices and advanced software. With SMAC the complete lifecycle of the claim can be fully automated.

With changing demands of customers, there has been a major improvement in benefit plans. Joining the list are some new healthcare delivery systems and foolproof regulations. However, success can be assured only if a new plan is designed that is completely compatible with the regulation or delivery system. This is where cloud-based system comes into play. It has the ability to provide customizable plan design with the scope for built-in recommendations. Planning of new benefits can be done better and with greater efficiency using these cloud-driven solutions.




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