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Data Centers in India

A Detailed Insight into Indian Data Center Market

Emergence of Data Centers in India

Businesses nowadays are largely dependent on information technology for process standardization and processes automation, generating an ever evolving need of resources to maintain these processes. This is pushing CAPEX to a great extent, putting high cost pressures on the organizations.

Amidst such a scenario, data centers emerge as a viable option for an effective as well as cost efficient IT management. Currently, there is a dominance of captive data centres in India. However it will soon extend to outsourcing as a majority of businesses especially SMBs are keen on shifting key resources to core competencies, while gaining access to quality product and services.

Indian data centres are essentially preferred for their surplus connectivity, managed services, qualified workforce, latest technology, high end infrastructure, 24×7 support, customer care, strategic alliance as well as cost effectiveness. Also the country is seeing an increase in data volume stressing on the need for strong infrastructure management.

And then is the growing adoption of cloud that is spurring the growth of data centres, contributing to India’s move towards the ‘terabyte’ economy, which certainly has its own set of challenges and opportunities.

Is Hosting In Indian Data Center A Good Idea?

Today, businesses are turning towards Indian Cloud Computing Providers that assist in leasing a rack space and facilitate the customers to pay only for the space, power and bandwidth as per their business requirements. This leads to reduced overhead costs and sharpened business edge.

The host of facilities at a highly affordable cost is making data centers in India a viable option. The array includes uninterrupted internet connectivity, managed services, adept technical expertise across the floor, certified and trained customer care experts as well as strategic alliances. Also they follow the best practices and standards in terms of power, data cabling, heat convection, dust and humidity levels.

The total data center capacity in India is expected to reach 5.1 million square feet by 2012 and is projected to grow by 31 percent, say industry connoisseurs.

Services Offered by Indian Data Centers

Indian Data Centers offer a comprehensive range of IT infrastructure services such as:

Future Growth of Data Center in India

A vast plethora of data coming through smartphones, social networking websites as well as ecommerce companies are paving ways for the demand of good infrastructure facilities to maintain this data, spurring the growth of data centres. The data contribution is in from both public and private sector. E.g. The government of India has initiated the projects like Aadhar Card and digitization of land records, citizen services, etc. The growth can also be forecasted because of the major growth expected in sectors including Telecom, IT and Social Media.

According to the data forecasted by Gartner, a leading research firm, the current Data Center space available is India is estimated to increase up to 6.3 million sq. ft. by 2017 from the current 3 million ft. In terms of the market size, Data Center in India is estimated to grow to $3 billion from $2.2 billion during the same period.

These are directly linked with a necessary need for information storage hence arousing IT infrastructure needs along with data center.

How Are Foreign Players Aligning Themselves

Big foreign players are also vying up for their share of pie of Data Center business. With businesses expanding their IT infrastructure, Data Center services are witnessing a sustained demand. However, Asia Pacific seems to be an ideal choice for the most foreign companies looking forward to expanding data center infrastructure. Recently, Google, Oracle and Amazon Web Services have launched their data center in APAC.

Still, the regulatory limitations on data center and related telecom value-added services operations for foreign players have made the cloud market for IaaS and PaaS an easy battlefield for Indian players.

Ideal Data Center Locations in India

The site for the data center needs to be chosen highly meticulously as it should meet a range of guidelines spanning from building, architectural, security, electrical, mechanical to telecommunications. An efficient data center building must conform to seismic standards and must be protected from environmental hazards and natural calamities. It considers extremely good geographic location as it may impact power and cooling efficiency and availability.

Bangalore being one of the most stable seismic zones can be considered as a suitable location for setting up a data center in India. And so is Hyderabad.

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