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How Can A Resilient Email Hosting Uplift Your Business?

Can you possibly imagine running your business without email? The answer should plainly be No. Email communication is the backbone of IT industry failing of which the projects would come to a halt right way.

The options for email hosting are plenty; however there are only few that rise above the rest in terms of usability, features and availability.

The core functionalities that differentiate a good email server hosting from others are:

  • Fully Managed All the necessary components of your server get installed and configured with 24 X 7 guaranteed monitoring and support provided which ensures you are always connected to your crucial data.
  • More than Just Email It comes with fully-managed calendaring, task organization and contacts. You get to access your email from any web browser giving you the leverage of powering through your work day feeling more productive and organized
  • Scalability & Redundancy It supports hardware load balancing, so you can add servers as per your requirement, ensuring enough space for your data through all phases of your business. Also, you are rest assured your important emails are secured with complete redundancy and backup.
  • Wireless Synchronization You can synchronize your data with major mobile devices and can access your email, contacts and calendars with your phone or tablet.
  • Data Storage Support You get to share files quickly and easily without additional software and get complete control over data access and storage.

You get complete customization and control over your Exchange environment with a good email hosting service provider by your side. Take your call only after assessing the services offered by all well-known service providers because remember – email hosting is much more than just sending receiving emails.

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