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Big Data Solutions For Gaming Industry

The Growing Importance Of Big Data Solutions For Gaming Industry

The video gaming industry is growing at a breakneck pace and it is apparent that the speed at which the industry is expanding is unlikely to change in the near future. Gaming is a rage and has a growing fan following across all age groups which explains the amazing speed of growth of the industry which is valued at a whopping $90 billion now. Apart from the big names in gaming, the smaller developers and new designers are also contributing to this huge proliferation in industry numbers.

Data Flows From Multiple Resources

Big Data has a stellar role to play in the gaming industry, which is becoming increasingly competitive with every passing day. With more than two billion video game players in the world today and counting, the virtual gaming world has turned into an exciting data goldmine. Data is flowing in a rush from numerous sources.

These include:

• Data from Gameplay
• Small and micro transactions
• The social media channels and resources
• Pricing areas
• Payment systems
• Advertising resources
• From virtual goods
• Interactions happening in multiplayer games
• Content updates and others

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How Big Data Can Be Used For Improving Sales

The colossal amount of data thus generated is being used by small and major developers to decode player’s mind and to understand their psychology. This information is then used for creating games that are in the ‘zone’ of players. The design, structure, flow and other key aspects of a game must be kept at a high level to make sure that gamers keep coming back for more. This is achieved through game optimization. Developers also use a variety of other measures to ensure that games become a rage. They use proven strategies to drive the popularity of game titles and add monetizing factors to make sure that cash flow in a gush into the industry.

Game logs too are highly valuable information points that provide valuable information about what keeps players engaged to a particular type of game and what is the motivation for them to return. Players profiles can be developed further using social media input. Gaming companies can leverage the data this collected and analyzed to deliver highly personalized gaming experiences and to boost game attraction.

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How Big Data Can Help Boost Revenue For Developers

The data generated in various ways by gamers can be used to improve conversion rate. Similar to the process in ecommerce industry where products are recommended to visitors based on what other customers have bought, in the gaming industry too, virtual products can be recommended by highlighting specific features based on the level that the gamers are currently playing in. This type of promotion using data generated by players can be used effectively to improve up-sell and cross sell ratio and boost revenue.

Information from data can be used for understanding user behavior and demographic so that a clear picture about player preferences emerge.

Data can also help in:

• Creation of specifically targeted digital ads
• To improve user experience
• Identifying VIP players
• Identifying common characteristics

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Know Why Specific Gaming Segments Have A Larger Fan Following

Big data is helping marketers and developers recognize accurately the key reasons why particular gaming segments are picked by players and more importantly, why they play longer. This data is a crucial tool for gaming businesses as it allows them to target new users and boost business prospects. Big data also plays a critical role in testing and analyzing results. Game developers and designers can work on gaming development, and fine tune end products based on data feedback generated in a natural way from real players.

Thanks to big data access, the gaming industry is now no longer the domain of big companies. There are literally thousands of smaller game designers and developers in the industry, creating highly interesting and innovative products for both traditional and advanced gaming platforms. Their presence is being clearly seen even on social media channels and mobile devices.

Big Data And Cloud Architecture

With more players joining the gaming movement and in a surge, it is apparent that Big Data services are becoming a vital component for the gaming industry. However, on the flip side, the colossal amounts of data generated are posing a different kind of problem. Lots of data are being collected, recorded and stored in the hope that they would be relevant for the industry at a future date. A good amount of such data might be of no use at all but there is no way you can firmly distinguish between relevant and irrelevant data in the initial stages. Right data generation is what the industry should focus on to deal with this problem.

Cloud-based architecture is another option that the gaming industry is exploring for scalable data storage solutions and easy real-time availability. With this advanced technology, tons of data can be quickly analyzed and the relevant ones stored away.

Big Data technologies are being used by businesses to achieve improved customer engagement and for optimizing game development. This can help in delivering an amazing gaming experience to the end-user.

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