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Reinforcing Enterprise Software Applications With The SMAC Code

Social networking, mobile, analytics and cloud technology products have individually enabled the IT industry to offer higher value to clients. Today, the unification of these technologies, which is commonly called SMAC, is efficiently transforming business models. Terms like the “Third Platform” and “Nexus of Forces” have been coined by research forms and enterprises to christen the technology stack.

Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud

This technology stack fuels rapid developments which in turn add value to any business. Interestingly the SMAC code has several advantages which seem promising enough to predict the future through big data (cloud) analytics. The best feature about SMAC is that it is mobile and makes everything simple and interlinked. Such offerings are available at the fraction of the cost of Cloud hosting services.

SMAC has by and large started transforming the future of enterprises. It is about to impact all the software applications used in organizational functions. According to technology research firm Gartner, by the year 2017, the SMAC code will drive over 26% of complete enterprise software market revenue. This figure stood at 12% back in the year 2012. This represents over $104 billion new revenue from the SMAC code.

This disruptive technology trend is being tapped by business houses or IT leaders. Fact remains that the impact of every individual technology in SMAC is significant on any given business. After all, it can successfully augment the capabilities to transform a business model.

A few key traditionally used enterprise applications used by organizations are as follows:

We know that such applications form the backbone of global organizations. But recently the SMAC code has augmented this application portfolio. Enterprise mobility and internal social media platforms are currently being deployed by organizations. Critical applications are being migrated to private clouds.

Therefore, every application in an enterprise will be influenced by the SMAC code. After all, this conglomerate encompasses of very high potential to reinforce the entire IT landscape.

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