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Highlighting the Major Cloud Myths

Cloud computing has extended its roots covering all the major sectors including healthcare and education. In this line organizations are adopting cloud to raise their clientele graph and combat undue performance pressure, which indispensably drops down the growth chart. It is noteworthy that cloud has emerged as a unique model for provisioning and consuming IT capabilities on a pay-per use basis. However, this cloud model is prone to the dangers of hovering myths owing to the confusion, nature and immense popularity, says Gartner, Inc. in one of its recent report. Somehow these misconceptions curtail growth, obstruct inventions. Hence, thwarting business progression and inducing fear among businesses not to adapt this flourishing technology.

Now let’s throw a light on some of the misleading and hazardous cloud myths that Gartner has highlighted in its report:

Connecting Cloud to Cost-Savings: Unquestionably cloud helps in shifting the cost structure from Capex to Opex model, and it is one of the benefits of it. Indeed, prices are slashing down for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), but this is not followed in all the cloud deployment models, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Cloud Adoption is Necessary: Some of the businesses believe that nothing can be good without cloud. This probably is due to the immense popularity of the latest cloud technology. IT companies are deploying cloud as a part of their efforts to meet changing business demands. The myth is that a company’s growth is highly and only dependent on Cloud.

Cloud Is Less Secure than On-Premise Data Center:  Many individuals believe that cloud is less secure than on-premise data center environment. However, the story is something different. This myth is completely based on the trust rather than logical analysis of real security capabilities. Till date, there have been a very few security breaches reported when compared to on-premise data center environment.

Cloud is Not Meant for Mission-Critical Systems: Cloud is adopted by the organizations of all sizes for specific business demands. And, it is not imperative that early use cases are not meant for mission-critical systems. Nowadays, most of the organizations are gearing up for cloud hosting technology (beyond use cases) to run their mission-critical workloads.

Another myth allied with cloud is that “one cloud strategy or vendor fits for all”, which is not true. Cloud is a wide term having multiple wings (Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud models) with different deployment models (IaaS, SaaS, DaaS, PaaS). It completely depends on the applications, goals and nature of a business. Each cloud model is different and has its own potential benefits.

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