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Cloud Hosting Servers Are Soon Expected to Be a Part of Indian Firms

Migrating to cloud hosting servers by enterprises for email, file storage and software applications is rapidly increasing, although the adoption rate in India is relatively lower, according to surveys conducted by several market research firms. It is interesting to note that the use of cloud varies from companies to companies. For instance, some firms adopt cloud computing to streamline communication process and provide secured storage to mission-critical business applications. However, some firms are reported to use cloud services for financial and accounting software, business applications or customer relationship management. It is projected that the use of cloud hosting servers in Indian industry would probably see a significant growth in the first half of 2015.

What has been observed in India is that some businesses consider cloud hosting as an opportunity to move the server workloads, some adopt it for a rudimentary incremental upgrade and others take it as an approach to improve their IT strategy. Besides, organizations already migrating to cloud hosting servers have pinpointed the threat of a security breach, thereby limiting their usage of this avant garde technology. Other limiting factors including unknown about the location of their data, potential legal jurisdiction issues and inadequate knowledge as well as expertise have also proved to be stumbling blocks for organizations to adopt cloud computing services.


Fortunately, India is emerging as a credible hub where cloud hosting vendors from across the globe are willing to invest in data center set up and maintenance. The presence of state-of-the-art data center server in different locations of India has encouraged organizations without regard to size and business nature to avail cloud hosting servers for managing and controlling their IT assets with no fear of security breach.

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