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Understand Different Facets of Dedicated Server Hosting

There is no denying running a small to medium scale business can become a costly affair rather than easier. More and more business owners are favoring the protocol of hosting their websites on dedicated servers to cut down the cost of business operations. Owning a dedicated server has manifold benefits in addition to minimizing business operation costs. In fact, the dedicated server hosting can withstand the challenges of high traffic websites without compromising on security and speed. Before subscribing a dedicated hosting plan you need to make sure your server processes all of the necessary specifications to meet the demanding, performance-oriented requirements of those who maintain a resource intensive website with high traffic. Inadequate resources will impede the performance of your server and make it significantly slower.

The following are some of the essential specifications that your dedicated server will have to carry to run at maximum speed: 

Dedicated server hostingSo now that you are aware of minimum essentials to run your own dedicated server, but what makes it more valuable is the installation of operating system in it. This is because the performance and price of dedicated server hosting will vary with the change in the operating system. In fact, dedicated hosting can deliver its services with the support of either Linux or Windows operating system. Let’s take a quick general idea of both operating systems so that you can take informed decision on which OS or operating system you would like to install:

Linux Operating System: This type of hosting is cheaper because of open source code, allowing a user to install any program or application with ease. In addition, there is an elimination of licensing cost for installing Linux, not to mention its compatibility with PHP, MySQL, and Perl languages. From users’ perspective, they can convert their website to Windows if they want.

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Windows Operating System: On contrary, the cost of dedicated hosting running on Windows is higher, but it supports .NET technology, Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL that Linux doesn’t support. This means you can get the opportunity to access Frontpage, SharePoint services, MS office files and Visual Interdev while subscribing a Windows dedicated server hosting plan.

So, choosing between Linux and Windows can rely on your requirements. However, both have advantages to provide impetus to your business to expand. Now the ball is in your court!

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