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Stimulate Business Efficiency with Microsoft Exchange Server

BLog ImageAre you contemplating about how business communication flow becomes streamlined with myriad options of hosting an email server? Well, exchange email hosting is an ideal option for any organization that wants to manage its email infrastructure smoothly. Choosing a hosted solution rather than on premise infrastructure to manage your mission-critical email services is a wise decision to stay productive in a cost efficient manner.

From improving business communication to eliminating the risk factor, the exchange server helps your business to optimize the resources effectively. It supports companies to make email as an integral aspect to augment business productivity. Indelibly, an email is ubiquitous in today’s work environment. Businesses of all sizes can obtain prolific tools to protect and enhance their workforce communication and collaboration.

Outlook Web access has a direct impact on speeding up the communication of a company’s staff. Business users increasingly use their email platform to schedule appointments, manage employee calendars, coordinate meetings and share contacts. Migrating to hosted Exchange services is necessary to address today’s business reality which includes, optimized staff productivity, increased reliability, streamlined communication and effective collaboration.

Here are some key advantages that ensure business efficiency:

Eliminates pay per user licensing- The Outlook desktop PIM (Personal Information Management) comes along with Microsoft Office Suite, which is sold as a standalone retail software, or it is available under Microsoft’s various licensing programs. It becomes so expensive to provide license for each individual in the organization. Instead, Outlook Web Access closely replicates the full-fledged feature of the Outlook PIM right in a web browser, which eliminates the need to license expensive software.

Blog Image 2Slashes down software support costs and overhead– Deploying the Windows and MacOS version definitions of Outlook can cost you with huge licensing fees. Next to it, users with Outlook installed on their desktop or laptops frequently require technical support, either from in-house IT staff, or through a Microsoft support subscription, which is not limited to the licensing fees. Additionally, the familiar issue of corrupted .PST files — the file format Outlook uses to store email messages on an end-user’s local computer — is entirely omitted.

Support email compliance and security- With Outlook Web Access, email is no longer stored on end-user computer system; all email services are maintained on the server. It simplifies compliance with government and industry compliance requirements. It ascertains that all emails is encrypted, password-protected and does away with the risk of sensitive email falling into the hands of unauthorized individuals, when portable computers are lost or stolen.

 As more corporations adopt pro-BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) standards, Microsoft’s exchange mail server makes email services easy to access the information anytime, anywhere. So, this is how hosted Exchange email services helps in boosting the business efficiency.

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