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Overhauling Required For Next Generation Data Centers

Emergence of virtualization, blade servers, and cloud computing has intensified the importance of data center overhauling in all  terms – design, build, and  approach to cope with the ever-evolving business requirements. The interest in building a data center that is competent enough to pitch into long-term needs and concerns – is burgeoning. As a result, traditional data center practices are dying off with each passing day, strongly vociferating the urgency for improvisation and strategy up-gradation.

Data Center Phases: Broadly, every data center undergoes a cycle of phases from its scratch to execution, such as planning, designing, operation, and so on. Each of the phases requires due diligence to get the best out of a data center. A data center service provider needs to understand the perils of each phase, and how one phase impacts the other, in order to reap best ROI, availability, efficiency, and speed of deployment.

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Designing: Designing is one of the fundamental attributes that knocks for comprehensive analysis. Power, network, and cooling infrastructure are required to be more scalable, agile and flexible to meet the changing needs of a business.

  • Designing should be done in a way that it can keep pace with the changing needs and trends.
  • How much redundancy is required to be build up, also needs to be checked
  • Adequate analysis and continuous improvement is required to cater to the business requirements.

Operational Capability: We all know, that charting a data center, calls for a heavy capital investment. Financial crisis, inflation, recession have tightened the budget. Emphasis, to get more out of the IT assets has incessantly increased. Thus, data center providers should make a conscientious effort of implementing right strategies to obtain the same.

Data center providers need to understand the evolving market trends in a way to fend-off unwanted glitches, and to gain optimal benefit from the data center.

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