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How is Colocation Server Perfect for Small and Medium Businesses?

Today, more than 50% of businesses massively rely on the Internet to perform their business operations with this strongest online medium. For them, losing their online presence means, loss of revenue along with blocked business growth. This demands, high internet availability, bandwidth, security, and strong Internet servers to keep the business running with dexterity.

Thanks to the data centers, that evolved by the time, and has started offering the co-location facilities for Internet Servers. Colocation, which means, renting or leasing a space for your server in a data center to have access to the unswerving architecture. Broadly, colocation facilities include space, cooling, power, and security for the server, storage, and other business assets, connecting them through a variety of network service providers at moderate budget.

As a result, both Small and Medium businesses have access to the world-class data center as available to the biggies of the industry. In the late 90’s, number of data centers were built that now have been accustomed for co-locating servers, giving small and medium scale businesses to draw leverage with fewer complexities and more benefits.

Hereby, I am collating few of the benefits that SMEs can draw by co-locating their server:

  –  Protection against fire, flood: To have adequate arrangements in order to fend-off unwarranted incidences, such as fire, flood etc is a bit difficult chore to achieve for SMEs. The arrangements, such as fire dousing system, fire departments, monitoring water and moisture sensors, trigger heavy flow of capital. Redundant data center and server hardware can allow rapid recovery.

  –  Network Availability: A colocation Server provider has redundant edge routers, internal routers, and switches available round the clock to service any co-located server. Moreover, they have multiple internet service providers, which allows businesses to switch from one to another as per their requirements and budget.

  –  Restricted Control: Security is the prime concern for any business. Data centers have additional security modules, such as cameras and biometric screening that restrict physical and technical threats to crop up.

  –  Offsite Backup: A heavy bulk of information is saved over the server. Loss of crucial information can impact smooth functioning of a business. It is difficult to have regular backup of your data. However, a data center has provision for offsite backup that eliminates the terror of data disaster.

  –  Redundant Hardware: In a situation when your hardware stops working or gets failed someone from your IT team needs to visit the data center. Whereas, by co-locating the server, your colocation Server provider will perform the same task on your behalf. This saves both time and money of an organization.

Colocation Server offers en-number of other benefits to the SMEs, these are a few to name. I, in my next blog will come up with other advantages.

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