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Bright Future of Data Centers in India

In the sprint to meet surging demands of organizations, data centers are making all possible vicissitudes in their architecture and delivery systems to add value proposition including data and capacity planning, and connectivity management. According to Gartner – inflating competition, cloud hosting provider dominance, nationalism and economic welfare are a few disruptive factors that will bring forth perceptible changes in the whole data center industry. These factors will evolve at stipulated interval of time with different intensities bringing both opportunities and risks in the data center industry.

QuotesIndeed, data center market is growing at the fastest pace owing to multiple business setups and increasing competition. Alike other industries, soon telecom providers will make hefty investment in data center facilities in the approaching future to get more returns out of their investment. Another report published by Cisco suggests that data center traffic will nearly be threefold on the back of cloud growth by 2018.  Data center traffic will increase at the compound annual growth of 23%, the same report forecasted.

A few of the major reasons behind rampant data center growth are:

  • Emergence of cloud and inclination of companies towards this leading-edge technology
  • Rise of CPU intensive applications, databases, and software
  • Increasing demand for storage capacity to accommodate growing data needs

Potential benefits associated with top-tiered data center leads to:

Top-Tiered Data Center

Global market for data centers are undergoing radical shift owing to increasing demands regarding macro data growth trends. Furthermore, organizations are becoming more aware and sensitive with their data center purchase strategies. CIOs and CTOs are seamlessly seeking for new and secured facilities (data centers) where there enormous amount of data can be stored and handled without compromising on security and compliance needs. These facilities are also being utilized by organizations to streamline their cloud-based solutions including analytics and collaboration to make best use out of it.

Quotes-2Hence it should not come with any surprise that data center industry has all the positive factors that can foster long-term growth. With respect to the global trends, the Indian data center market is propping up owing to demand coming from several sectors including financial segment, telecommunication sector, healthcare industry, and government bodies.  In addition to this, e Governance initiatives and social media growth are also fueling up the demand.

Evidently, the technology has completely overhauled the data center scenario. Demand coming from multiple sectors predicts the bright future of data center in India.

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