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Why SMBs should Host Business Emails on VPS Hosting?

Opinion columnists have written “the death of email” quite some time back but it is far from being over. In fact, it has become one of the most sought after official medium for business communication. That’s why a business (no matter what the size is) should take emails seriously, especially when it is the question Read more>>


The myriad benefits of adopting Fully Managed VPS Hosting for your business

Most businesses move from Shared Hosting to VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting as they grow. VPS Hosting gives them most of the benefits of a dedicated server but minus its costs. There are three types of VPS Hosting solutions – unmanaged /self-managed, semi-managed, and managed. In the unmanaged vps server, the client handles all the Read more>>


Growing Businesses Hunting for Less Intricate and Shatterproof Managed VPS Hosting

Plethora of web hosting solutions is available on the Internet to pander the miscellaneous business demands. However, determining which hosting deck makes business ubiquity perpetual is evidently not “chickenfeed” Longing for less-intricate server management, augmented security, and brass-bound performance are the leading factors, bringing VPS Server Hosting in the radar of small and medium scale Read more>>